The Benefits of Being Off Track

Sometimes we find that life demands a lot out of us. This may lead us to being off track due to being overwhelmed or even us just taking another road temporarily. This can be a good thing and I will explain why. Being off track from wherever you want to be is okay because it offers clarity to what you really need. The key though is not to be off track forever but temporarily. Being off track temporarily highlights all of the things that are missing and the things we need with much clarity. This allows you to identify what you need to do next and is quite good in getting focused and being on track again.

It is indeed impossible to be on track all of the time for the rest of your life because we are human and we are not perfect. The being off track phase lets us analyze the next best road to take even though we might not be operating on the best one. I myself had faced this situation for a month and I see a lot of benefits it had yielded me. For one, I am now much more grateful for the times I am on track because I use to take it for granted. Being off track lets us appreciate the good times and on track times much more and we feel more connected too.

I think being off track allows us to explore an alternative route even though it may not be the best one, it can open new perspectives that can help us even further when we are back on track again. Sometimes it is taking a few steps back to progress a few steps further later on. I now operate with the mentality that everything serves a purpose. Even if the situation currently does not seem ideal, it may very well be a potential building block to something great for you in the future. I see life that way now and I feel much better because of it. It is the oneness with the duality that we may become whole and complete. We take in the good and bad and accept it instead of fighting against it. We are much more peaceful that way.

What I notice as well is that the longer you are off track, the more clarity and focus you gather up towards what you do want because you spend so much time in a place you are not wanting. That generates desire to do the best you can once you are able to get back on track. It is lack that generates desire and desire that generates action and action that generates results. It is quite a flawless system. Some people just stay way too long being off track and they completely lose hope which is something that can happen. If you use being off track to your advantage, it will yield many potential benefits to how you operate once you feel back on the right road again. Remember, it is the journey that is the most important not the destination.

Once you achieve a destination you are aiming for, there is always another destination to aim for and the cycle never ends. It is why being present is so valuable and embracing your current situation no matter how bad it may be and being open to new ideas in the midst of all the chaos, you will persevere. The key thing also is don’t be hard on yourself when things are not going too well. You need that positive self talk to fuel you and keep you going. Negative thoughts or negative self-talk will only weigh you down further and not help you generate results. Unless you use that negative self talk to motivate you to take action, it is a harmful double-edged sword even if you do use it.

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