Why Donald Trump is A Great President

Donald Trump is not your average man. First of all, it is highly difficult just to become president of the United States of America. It takes quite a character and also quality of skill to achieve that accolade. Second, he is a billionaire. It is said before that, he started with a million dollars from his family and was able to grow it to a billion. That itself is incredibly hard as well. Making one million isn’t difficult nowadays, but being able to grow it to such a high amount is a very big feat. He is featured in many entertainment shows, movies as well. He is a man of versatile nature. I support Donald Trump greatly. He is also the one to approve the Stimulus package which helped many Americans during this difficult time of the Coronavirus.

He is a motivating speaker and leader. The way he talks and speaks his words in certain tonalities makes him very interesting to listen to. He is charismatic and powerful even without his title of being the president. He is a man who was already powerful before he became president and being president is only his way of doing a service for this nation. I remember him saying at one point that when the nation is in a whole mess, he would step up to become president and he did exactly that. He is a man of action and does exactly what he says he will do.

I believe a lot of people hate him because he is rich, white, & powerful. These qualities highlight what a lot of people lack and they hate out of jealousy and it’s ironic to say as well but I believe it is also out of prejudice. I notice that most hate comes from those of the African American descent but a lot of people in Africa support him as well which is interesting. Candace Owens is an example of someone who supports him heavily as a black American and I believe she has much of the qualities he has as well. In a way, I see them more as intelligent beings more than anything to do with their race, wealth, or even position of power. They have a high level intellect being able to handle any situation or opposition. I admire these characteristics myself.

As someone from a middle class family, I can’t fully comprehend why people hate Donald Trump so much even though he has done so much for our nation. He has helped transform the nation in a progressive & also extremely beneficial way. Without him leading our nation, I think the United States would be in a much terrible place due to the corruption of the elite and also many powerful individuals running from behind the scenes. I’m not someone who is into conspiracy theories or anything like that like David Icke but I believe there is a lot going on that we cannot see and even imagine. With Donald Trump present in our lives, we can be reassured that a lot of bad stuff will be prevented because he is a man who does what he says he will do.

I support Donald Trump also because everyone loved him back before he became president. It was after he became president that everyone became so angry and full of hate for some strange reason. Perhaps people did not see that he was indeed a very great man but took him more as a comical or satirical character. I believe Donald Trump is a man chosen by God the Most High and as a fellow Christian myself, I feel that everything he does is being led by the Holy Spirit. I don’t read too much about the news defaming him or any other sources like that. You can find negativity everywhere. It is all about the action and results and based on that, I can see that he has done a lot of beneficial things for ALL of us whether or not people can see and appreciate it. I believe it is a lack of gratitude prevalent in the ones full of hate. It is not the problem with Donald Trump but rather misalignment with their own inner selves and they project it on to Donald Trump to be the villain for their demise.

People love to seek blame for their own problems because they don’t have to look towards themselves to take responsibility. It is the lack of gratitude and lack of responsibility that people struggle and blame. It is the victim mentality that is fueling all this hatred that isn’t necessary and does not create any sort of change whatsoever. I am very supportive of Donald Trump and I believe myself that I am a man of good character and if a decent person like myself is drawn to him, I believe that he is a great man as well. My intuition never fails me and I am also a man of God so it is highly unlikely that I am misled by Donald Trump. When I think of Donald Trump, I feel nothing but inspiration and respect. He is a great example for all of us and he is doing the best he can with what God has given him.

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