Why Most People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

In this world, we tend to gravitate towards listening to everyone’s opinion. Unless these people are your consultants, mentors, trusted advisors, or coaches, their opinions mostly don’t matter. I will let you know why. Let’s say you’re trying to become a very fit person. Would you be taking fitness advice from one of your unhealthy fat friends? Of course not. We would seek advice and opinions from those who are physically in shape & take a very healthy diet. If someone has an opinion about you and that person’s life isn’t better off than yours, you should always take that person’s opinion with a grain of salt.

The real reason why most peoples opinions don’t matter is because they aren’t experts themselves and also they aren’t contributing to your positive self-image. In a future post I will be discussing why positive self-image is the key to success & good outcomes in life. If they aren’t contributing to your self-image in a good way, their opinion is very irrelevant. As for those who are experts and trying to take you to the next level, their criticism is valued because they are teaching you how to improve your life with tangible step-by-step advice. I no longer listen to everyone’s opinion nowadays. I view everyone’s opinion with a sense of skepticism however, if that person demonstrates finesse, skill, & expertise, I will take in all his information.

The true opinion that matters is really your own. How do you feel about yourself? That is the most important thing because no matter what other people think, you are the one who determines how you feel and what you will take action on. It is so vital to listen to your own opinion because your intuition is very precise. We are all given an intuition that responds very well to situations outside. If we cultivate this intuition, we usually make all the right choices in life. So really, in the end, you are your best guru in this physical life. If your religious / part of a faith, it is mastery over the physical life that determines how your spiritual life will end up. What meaning is it to overdevelop a spiritual life when your physical life is in shambles? Yet the two are interconnected, one develops the other and vice versa.

To really make things fall into perspective. It is you who decides what has value and what doesn’t. Your mind & your perception is king in this physical reality. If you measure your life according to the values you set for yourself and you live accordingly to those values, then your opinion of yourself is the only thing that matters. Just because someone says that this “new thing” or that “this way” of living is better, don’t just blindly believe them. Question whether or not what they say is valid or has solid ground before taking in their words. It is your power to allow whether or not things can come into your consciousness. Once something comes into your consciousness, it can then imprint on your soul or spirit. This is why it is important to trust your own opinion above all others.

Yet taking in only your opinion to an extreme extent can lead to stubbornness. While you rely on the opinion of yourself, it is good to keep an open mind as well because sometimes a new fresh idea can completely transform your life. Overall, I believe trusting in oneself is vital to cultivate a good foundation rather than seeking external opinions because not everybody has all the answers. The puzzle of life is to put the pieces together from your own experience and from the wisdom of the masters & experts. Experience is the greatest teacher.

Heck even my opinion doesn’t matter if it doesn’t resonate with you. But if it does, I’m glad to continue you giving you value on this journey of holistic life design. I am blessed to be able to possess such a great platform to express my ideas and thoughts so that I can have a chance to influence someone’s life in a positive and perhaps even transformative manner. I thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a great blessed day!

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