Improving your Intelligence + Fallout 76

Lately, I’ve been doing nothing but playing Fallout 76 on my Playstation 4 and watching anime. I’d like to say that now that I’ve achieved level 45 in that game, I notice that I think a lot better than I used to. Fallout 76 has helped give me many ideas for personal development and aside from the game itself and improving the game character, I now have ideas on improving my real life character. Fallout 76 is a great game because it lets you make different choices to progress in the story and this is the same with all the previous Fallout games. It is a good game also because it is an RPG first person shooter with crafting abilities and much more.

I feel that it takes all the elements of my favorite games ranging from first person shooters like Modern Warfare to MMORPG’s like Conquer Online & Maplestory. I used to play a lot of those types of games in the past which consists of leveling up as well. I now take this same concept from those games and apply to real life. I am very much drawn to the concept of leveling up in real life because it means I am getting better and better each day. In games, leveling up unlocks opportunities and new equipment and weapons. In real life, it’s almost the same thing. We unlock more opportunities as we get better and better. Becoming a more capable character gives you more resources to utilize.

In Fallout 76, I like that we can level up and keep unlocking better items and skills to use. It makes the whole game progression more fun. I’ve seen people over level 200 in this game so it’ll be a long while until I stop playing this game. I will probably keep playing because I’ve purchased the monthly Fallout 1st subscription which grants me even more bonus items and perks. Another thing about Fallout 76 is the creative aspect of it which is building your camp base with various items and decorating it however you please. This aspects reminds me of Minecraft and building houses and stuff like that which is very enjoyable and relaxing. I like how other players can come visit your camp as well and buy items from your vending machine too.

I have sold 85 Stimpaks (Health potions) for 3000 caps (in-game currency) and it was a great feeling. It reminded me of me making my first sale online in my first business. It’s nice that Bethesda made Fallout into an online game that lets us team up with other players. I feel that my intelligence has improved overall because in the game I have had to make a lot of different choices. Choices that let to certain rewards and consequences. I believe I am now much more fluent with my inspired actions and I can do a lot more than I used to even though I have taken a big break for about a month. I will continue to rest from time to time if I feel overwhelmed.

Fallout 76 is a great game to play because it stimulates your creativity and IQ and whether or not you are a person who can make great choices. You can build your character however you please and give it the stats that is accustomed to your own play-style & personality. It lets you exercise a lot of your creativity because the whole outcome of your character is determined by how you build it. Another thing I like about Fallout 76 is that you get to explore a very large open-world and go wherever you want. It’s pretty great during this time of Coronavirus and being stuck at home, traveling inside the game itself is a nice simulation alternative for traveling outside in real life / exploring.

As you build your character, it is sort of like its own project you are working on. The more you build it, the more opportunities seem to appear to come at you and you have more ideas on how to build it even further. I feel the same way in real life now. I think that gaming overall is a good way to stimulate your intelligence. I wouldn’t say completely it would raise your IQ because intelligence isn’t measured solely based on IQ which is a good topic for me to talk about in the future.

I do very much recommend playing Fallout 76, but my advice is to make sure to take breaks frequently and don’t play for several hours at a time like I did. It caused me to have a big headache for a some time. I decided to take 30 minute breaks every time I’ve played about an hour and a half and the gaming experience is much smoother & enjoyable that way.

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