Dealing with Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can be a big issue in most people’s lives. I myself deal with this time to time. The key way to handle writer’s block is to write whatever the heck you want until something substantial or valuable comes out and then you can edit accordingly. Ironically I am currently dealing with writer’s block myself and so I brilliantly thought Hey why not write about writer’s block since I am currently dealing with writer’s block myself. I think the key thing is to keeping writing regardless of what comes out or what quality of writing it is. I don’t consider myself a writer really besides being a lyricist in music but I have done a lot of journaling prior to becoming a writer for this blog.

I think another good technique I use when it comes to writer’s block or just getting stuff out there is to write as if you’re talking to someone. When you talk you always have an unlimited number of words to use. Writing can be done as if it is a conversation you are having with someone. My goal today is to write 5 blog articles and hopefully I can hit that number very soon. This is my second article as I have already written the first one. So I will continue to write and write and hopefully something good comes out of it. I don’t plan to rely too much on filler content but they can still be useful from time to time. I think writing is helpful as mentioned previously as self-catharsis and self-expression system. My big concern with this blog is running out of content to write about but I do still have the stream of consciousness writing tool in my arsenal in case I do run out of stuff to talk about.

I don’t think that’s possible because self-expression is limitless and since I am always absorbing new ideas and engaging in personal development, I believe I will be able to symbiotically create even more new content for everyone. I thought maybe I should write the content first and then give it a title afterwards. Perhaps that is a good idea as well so that I am not limited to writing about what I’ve written in the title. For this one, I wrote the title first and thus I am limited to just writing about writer’s block. However I am still able to cover a broad range of topics because writer’s block is a topic that can be a bit vague as well. By writing about writer’s block I can also discuss other things like what to write about in the midst of writer’s block and also what to do after I’ve written about those topics. It might sound a bit confusing but really it’s still all done according to the stream of consciousness writing style which I’ve discussed previously.

Every article I write takes about 10-15 minutes to create and so I do value my time. When facing writer’s block, another thing you can do is hire someone else to write for you instead. That’s what I’ve done for some of the articles on this blog. It takes the workload off my shoulders and I have more free time to do the things I desire. Though I do enjoy writing, sometimes I just want to chill out and play video games or watch YouTube videos of other people playing video games haha. I’m just happy and satisfied that I am even able to publish 1 article a day on my blog for 38 days straight already. It is quite a feat, I believe. I think there is more to come at the current rate that I am going. I love the idea of building this blog step by step and layer by layer because seeing it grow is also pure inspiration in itself. And so writer’s block isn’t really a big issue in my life although I can see how it can affect other peoples’ lives and so I hope these small tips I’ve provided here can be helpful to you or anyone that you know.

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