What I would do if I was 18 Again

So todays topic will be quite a fun one for me to talk about. This article will be on everything I would do over if I was 18 again. Right now I am 23 years old. So what would I do differently for the last 5 years? The first thing I would do is not go to college at all. I feel as though college was not beneficial to me at all in terms of jobs and also education. I’ve learned so much more on my own through the internet and online courses and programs from various mentors. One benefit I did get from is social interaction with others and joining clubs. So as an alternative for that, I would join a club outside of school and pursue my own passions using the internet. I would use the club to network and build my social circle little by little and gain access to higher status individuals through constant networking.

The next thing is I would work a part time job as soon as possible and start earning money until I’ve saved up about $3,000. Next I would start my own website just as I have done now and I would immediately use WordPress.org rather than WordPress.com. The fees for WordPress.com is just very high. I would then buy a domain on Namecheap for about 8 dollars a year and an SSL certificate for 4 bucks a year. Very cheap. I would then get free web hosting from freehosting.io. It has unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for you to use. There are certain upload limitations in terms of uploading one file at a time but that’s alright because I can install most of the plugins on WordPress. I would start building my blog right off the bat and then also buy another domain and install WordPress again. For this one, I would create a drop shipping store separate from my blog.

I would then invest in dropshipping courses or even free courses online to teach me how to drop ship with WordPress WooCommerce and start building my first income online. Since it is hosted on freehosting.io, I am literally only paying 12 bucks a year to run my own business. I would buy 20 books on personal development starting with Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Og Mandino, & Jack Canfield. I would read one chapter of each book every single day to invest in myself mentally. So for the dropshipping business, what I would do is build it using free YouTube tutorials initially until I start generating income with it. After I start generating consistent income, I would start investing in premium advertising & programs to scale up my business. I would rinse & repeat this process until I’ve made $10,000 in net worth.

After I hit $10,000, I would then use it to promote my blog which I would write in every day just logging my experiences in life and my journey overall almost like a personal online journal. As I build my followers and subscribers list, I would then find affiliate products to promote and start doing affiliate marketing with my blog. So now I would have 2 sources of income using 2 different online businesses. As I continue to grow my income and net worth, I would reinvest that into knowledge acquisition, marketing, & scaling up the businesses. I would then hire virtual assistants to help me automatically run my affiliate sales order fulfillment & customer service, and completely automate the dropshipping business. And that’s how I would re-do my 5 years. Within those 5 years I could’ve gone to a whole new level, so I’m a little bit late to the whole game which is okay. I just gotta catch up to my future self and everything will be okay.

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