The Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds

Hi there, so today I wanted to talk about Chia seeds. I dont know what their benefits are even though I put that in the title so I will do some research for you guys as I write this article. The reason I wanted to write about this is cause I just ate some chia seeds myself by soaking them in water. Before I find out why they’re healthy to eat for you guys I’m gonna talk about why I like them. First of all they’re so cute little seeds that you can soak in a glass of water. After you soak it for a couple of minutes, there’s like this gel-like substance that reminds me a bit of aloe vera but very chewy. When I say it’s very chewy, it’s VERY chewy. It’s kind of addicting to eat actually. But I know it is a healthy thing because it was recommended to my parents by a nutritionist a long while ago.

I’m not sure if this post is going to be as long as my other ones but I’ll try my best to make it just as long haha. So these chia seeds, I heard a long time ago the natives had warriors in their tribes and they took it as like warrior food or something like that to increase their energy levels or “manliness” and these days we would call it testosterone. But I’m sure the benefits aren’t limited to just men and so I will find out those benefits for you in just a second. Honestly, I never really expected to write about Chia seeds on my own blog website. It is quite interesting to see me doing this. Anyway, these chia seeds after I ate them the last night, I slept so well at night and the morning I woke up, I felt so rejuvenated. These are just some of the benefits I’ve personally experienced myself.

Ok cool so I just googled what the benefits of Chia seeds are. One of them is that it delivers a massive amount of nutrients with very few calories which is so cool. Another benefit is that it is loaded with lots of antioxidants which help keep you from being sick. So consuming Chia seeds especially during this Coronavirus time period can help keep you from getting sick possibly. The third benefit is that almost all the carbohydrates are fiber. So this could really help with your digestive gut health and make you go to the bathroom better too. It will also make you feel more full especially if you’re looking for a snack to eat during the day if you feel hungry after a meal. It’s better than taking in junk food. It’s a healthy snack. The fourth benefit is that it contains high quality protein and so if you are working out and want to build muscle, you can take in chia seeds as part of your diet. The fifth benefit is that it can help you lose weight.

The sixth benefit is that it has a lot of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. I think you are able to get this mainly from fish from what I’ve heard. But Chia seeds contain even more Omega 3’s than salmon and other types of fish actually. The seventh benefit is that it can lower your rate of heart disease so that’s pretty cool too. If you are an older individual, you can take Chia seeds to promote longevity in your age as well. The eighth benefit is that there are many bone nutrients in the chia seeds as well that make your bones stronger. Lastly the last benefit is that it is easy to incorporate as a part of your diet. So you can apply it very easily and immediately and start seeing benefits very fast and soon.

Ok so that’s everything I found from some basic google search. And now I have transmitted it over here to my blog to potentially help more people to consume Chia seeds. I hope this helps at all. See you guys in the next post!

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