Paying Homage to my Mom

Today’s article is about my mom. She is my favorite person in the world second to God. Without her, I would not be here right now. When I was a baby, she worked very hard holding multiple jobs & going to school at the same time to pay the bills and also buy the things I wanted / needed as a kid. I think my mom is a wonderful person. She is hardworking, kind, caring, good hearted, all the qualities you would find in a perfect woman. Due to my mom’s great example, it is hard to find a suitable partner for myself because she has set the standards so high. But I do hope God will provide me the right partner in my life. My mom is also a charismatic leader, a great speaker, and has all the right disciplines to run a well-functional top tier business. She is my indirect mentor because I am always around her through osmosis.

Without my mom, I would never have engaged in music because she made me take piano lessons when I was young which cultivated my creative musical ability. It also raised my IQ level. Engaging in these types of arts helped me become a very unique individual who is expressive and creative in multiple facets. She has raised me to be a kind & good hearted person overall and sometimes too kind which led to people taking advantage of me. But this came with very great memorable lessons which propelled me even further in life. If you are at all biblical or religious, she is considered to be a Proverbs 31 woman. She supports me in everything I do and also supports my dad wholeheartedly. She cooks amazing food for me to eat. My favorite is chicken rice noodle soup and she cooks that often for me and I am very grateful for that.

She is someone who I can talk about anything with and it is easier to talk to her than it is to talk to a counselor or therapist. She listens with her heart and she has a strong intuition which I’ve inherited. She is a very successful person and even though she is successful, she is very humble too which is rare because most successful people operate with even a small hint of arrogance. My favorite thing about my mom is her ability to adapt to any situation and also come out triumphant and strong. She can persevere in any situation because she has a deep faith in God too and has a strong acumen to make very fantastic and precise decisions that always come out with good results. I aspire to be more like my mom. She is a great example. She knows how to live a very stable and balanced life, something in which I need work on. I mostly look outside for mentorship & consulting and writing this post helps me realize that I have a personal mentor & consultant by my side all along. I am thankful to God for providing me with such a lovely, respectable, & successful mother.

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