Constant Evolution & Focused Growth

Everyone should seek to improve / evolve every single day. This can be in personal development, business, physical fitness, spirituality, or any other area of life. A lot of people stay stuck in the same routine and pattern and this leads to the same results every single day for 20 years straight. No, there must be a change. We must focus on constant evolution & focused growth every day because we are a work of art that can be sculpted further in every moment. This is also where happiness comes from as well. Without progress or growth, we stay stagnant and we cannot be happy. In my previous posts, I discussed Investing In Self-Education which is connected to this topic.

To really make this constant evolution, you must make the decision to do so. It will take hard work and effort in the initial phase, but once the habits are established, you can be automatic with your constant growth. In some of my previous posts, there are some similar topics about constant growth and making change but this one will be discussing the consistent & constant evolution part of it. After you’ve made the decision that you would like to make constant focused growth and evolution, you must do an audit of yourself every day. To do an audit, you simply list out all of the problems you are currently facing and also list out all of the solutions right under the problems.

The next thing you must do is to take action according to the solutions you’ve written down for yourself. Without action, there is no momentum. It is only after we take action that we can grow. After you take action to solve these problems, the moment you solve the problem is when you create growth. When you are constantly solving problems, you are constantly growing. As you constantly grow, newer problems will arise and you can repeat this process to keep growing again. I myself find that there is a pattern in life which is structured somewhat like a video game. After you solve a problem, you sort of level up and then a newer stronger enemy arises. The enemy in life is a new challenge or problem that comes up in which you must solve.

A lot of people in life, instead of solving these problems they choose to indulge in distractions like drinking alcohol, or playing video games to take their attention away from them. These things are basically side quests or non-essential activities that aren’t relevant to the main quests of the game to advance through out the journey. To really advance and progress constantly, you must keep leveling up by solving these problems each time they appear in front of you. You must slay the dragon with your sword and level up. This is how you can keep that momentum going, which we discussed previously, and then use your abilities to advance to the next challenge. It is only through progress and advancement that we will be able to find fulfillment and happiness.

If you find that you cannot list out a solution, you should write down the next thing you can do to get closer to a solution such as reading a book or taking a course or looking something up online or finding a personal consultant or even a life coach. There are infinite possible next steps to take to solve whatever problem you are facing. It is the solving of problems that really makes us advance to the next level. Through the solving of problems, we also develop character and also skills that create change in us. This constant evolution and focused growth allow us to expand and become more which is what God designed us to do.

This concept applies even in business or career. To get to the next level in your business or career you must work on doing the thing that will lead you to the next level. Perhaps it is working on your marketing, working on your interview skills, speaking skills, sales skills, and so much more. I myself am using this technique to better this website and also myself because they are both intertwined within my life. I believe Holistic Life Design is a living entity that is connected to who I am and a part of me is what makes Holistic Life Design alive and unique. As I continue to grow and evolve as a person, my website will also do so as well. The possibilities are endless when you embrace this constant evolution & growth philosophy into your life.

I hope that I was able to give you any value at all from this article, and I look forward to serving you again in the future. Have a wonderful day & God bless you !

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