The Benefits of Self-Catharsis & Expression

I know previously I’ve written an article about mind dumping. Today we are going to talk about self-catharsis & expression. What is Self-Catharsis? It is the release of pent up emotions in your body. When we say catharsis we mostly mean negative emotions inside of us that stay bottled up. When we perform catharsis, it is when we completely release these emotions out of us and we become emotionally free once again. There won’t be any heaviness inside of us. Also catharsis may also refer to us relieving ourselves from information overload through mind dumping. Mind dumping is simply one form of self-catharsis. There are many ways to perform self-catharsis. Catharsis and Self-Catharsis has a slight difference between each other. Catharsis means any form of emotional release where as Self-catharsis refers to doing the emotional release ourselves by doing something practical for it.

What are some possible ways for self-catharsis? Many methods of self-catharsis include mind dumping, journaling, self-therapy talk (self-talk), screaming in a pillow, creating a work of art, creating music, writing poetry, dancing, doing strenuous physical activity, and sometimes even just roasting coffee. There are so many ways to do self-catharsis. You simply have to be creative about it. Why is self-catharsis so important? It is because it gives us freedom to express our true selves. When we are bottled up with all these various emotions we are operating with a mask, a layer that blocks us from expressing who we truly are. This is why I do a catharsis every single day to make sure that I operate freely and authentically in my life.

Self-catharsis is the way to connect with your true self without any blockages or dilution of your true nature. When we operate with our heart, we operate out of love and through love we express who we really are. Self-catharsis leads us closer to love and joy. It may also even lead us to deeper faith or fulfillment. The biggest benefit of self-catharsis for me personally is being able to express a part of myself that remains hidden to everyone else. I know that everyone has a part of that inside of them that remains hidden to the world. I’m not sure how I know, but I just know. It is that hidden part of us that gets expressed and we become so happy when we do it. It is another core ingredient for true happiness which I’ve left out from my Ingredients of Happiness article.

Sometimes shouting out loud can help you express that part of yourself that remained blocked for a long time, or even reading something out loud in a certain tone can lead to self-catharsis as well. There are many possibilities for self-catharsis. Even engaging in verbal prayer can be a self-catharsis when you are expressing your deepest inner emotions to the Most High. It is indeed a gift to be able to accumulate and then release. If all we did was just accumulate, we would definitely explode. It is the gift of catharsis that allows us to keep that cycle of accumulating and releasing just like in my article about consumption & creation. It is quite similar to that. I would creation is a part of self-catharsis as well. I think if you want to do a private catharsis without being loud and stuff, a journal is essential to write in. You can go to the article I’ve written about journaling for more information on that as well.

I hope that this article has helped you in any way at all. God bless you & have a good week!

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