Focusing on Practicality

Hi I am big advocate of practicality. In my personal opinion, I think anything that’s not practical isn’t worth learning. It would be a waste of space in your brain. Anything practical is worth learning because it is something that you can apply in your own life. For example, if you’re not a scientist or anything like that, knowing certain facts about Coronavirus isn’t going to help you in your life or even reading up on politics if you’re not going to be a politician. I think it is essential to focus on the things you will actually use in your life. Focusing on a celebrity’s personal issues, is this something practical and helpful for your own life? If the answer is no, then it truly isn’t necessary to absorb into your brain. It is simply a waste of space for sure.

Is this article practical? Yes, maybe because after you read this article maybe you’ll start thinking about only doing the practical things in your life and be more selective with what you put into your brain. I will be creating a seperate article called Taming your Selection of Focus. This article will explain in depth how to create better focus in your life espeically focus on the right things that are practical and valuable. Today we will be discussing practicality. What makes something practical or not? It depends on you. Do you use the information you absorb from wherever you absorb it from? When you read the news about a psychopath killing an innocent woman, do you use that information to prevent future murders? Someone who would do this may be a police officer or even a detective. They can use certain news as case studies or valuable information to give them improvement or insight on their next case in their job.

I would say practicality depends on what you do and who you are as well because people play various roles in life and we need certain information to perform certain roles or jobs. The first question you must ask yourself is whether or not the information will help you in whatever you are trying to do. If not, you must stop absorbing that type of information immediately because it isn’t useful to anything you are doing and may just be taking up extra space in your brain. Your brain is a computer too and has limited memory. I know a friend who has perfect photographic memory and because she overworked and accumulated too much information at a certain time she still became forgetful. This is a good case study that shows that information overload can make even those with perfect memories forgetful. This is why we must limit the information we take in and focus especially on practical things.

I never put in my mind anything that isn’t practical aside from recreational & fun activities. If it comes to day to day living, I would never take in the news and gulp it down like it’s a the fountain of immortality. This is what most people do all the time consciously or unconsciously. My question to you is, how does feeding your mind with the news help you exactly? What reason do you give yourself to justify putting the news in your mind? Are you a news anchor or journalist? If not, why do you need the news? Why not focus on something practical like reading a book on how to stay hygienic? Why not focus on how to create a business that generates online income? Why not learn how to install higher end security systems for your home instead of focusing on the murder that occurred in your city? Why not learn a defensive martial art?

There’s so many practical things you can absorb instead of just letting your mind absorb EVERYTHING like your an endless vacuum without any filters. It’s so essential to have a filter. Having a filter will let you choose the practical things to engage in rather than the things you can’t control at all and don’t give value to your life either. A lot of things on the news is designed just to give you anxiety and worries. Situations that are completely out of your control. Why not focus on the things you do have control over? Why not channel that negativity into something productive like I wrote in a previous article? Why not start your own website / blog where you can vent about things like this on the news? Why not focus on your self-expression?

It is so essential to think about things like this because these are choices you make in your life. The choices you make now determine your future. Practicality is what lets you have control over your future. If something isn’t practical, then it’s useless. In an ideal world, everything is practical. Sure there is art and things that are abstract but those ideas should be left mainly for fun & recreation. It’s good to have catharsis and self-expression. That is another form of practicality as well. A victim focuses on the things that are not practical at all. A decision-maker or architect of their own life makes practical choices that gets them closer to where they want to be. Are you an architect? You get to decide who you want to be.

To be practical, you simply focus on the things you can actually use and apply in your own life. That is it. It’s that simple. Everything else is irrelevant. Even if you do absorb information that isn’t practical, its about transforming / transmuting that information into a lesson or something you can apply directly in your life. You can do this with anything. It is a skill to practice. And so, keep this practicality principle in mind when you do ANYTHING at all. Ask yourself if the activity you are engaging provides practical benefits. Practicality is also finding the point / meaning / value in everything. We will also be writing another article about seeing value in all things. If you keep this practicality principle in mind, you won’t be wasting time as usual and you can operate on the straight path to all the things you want out of life. I hope this article has helped you in any way. God bless & Stay safe out there. If you do find it very helpful, please support us by sending a donation. Anything will help! You can even donate a dollar. Small things add up. Anyway, peace.

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