How to Optimize Life with Lists

Hello, today we will be talking about making lists. Making lists can help you organize everything you have to do for the day and even for the whole week. You can plan out your days very well by using lists. To use a list in the most basic form, all you have to do is write down everything you have to do one by one. It does not have to be in order at all. All that matters is having everything you need to get done listed out. This is a form of mind dump as well as optimization for the day. It is also recommended to add in checkboxes so that you can check things off as you complete them. Some people like to cross things off with their pen or something like that. We recommend making digital lists on the computer or on the phone.

You can use apps like Trello or Remente, or ToDoist, or even Habitica. There are many task managing apps in which you can list out everything you need to do. Listing out things is beneficial because it lets you list out all the things that you possibly have to do and then you don’t have to think about it anymore. This way you can feel at ease knowing that after you complete your list, you have nothing else to do! You will feel a satisfaction after completing everything on your list. I gurantee it! So for example if I want to make a list for today to optimize my productivity levels I would do so like this:

[ ] Write 2 articles for my blog
[ ] Do your LSJF Exercise Routine
[ ] Write in your Gratitude Journal
[ ] Create your Recreational List
[ ] Read your Og Mandino book to the next chapter

So this is an example of 5 things I could put on my list for the day. Just an example of some stuff I can put on it. As you complete these things, you can check it off. For you, your tasks are personal or even professional and you can adjust them to your liking. Those apps I’ve listed above allow you to re-arrange the order of your tasks after you list them out. So I don’t worry too much about the order in the beginning. I just list them all out first so I can get them out of my head and then I re-arrange them by taking my time. But as I become more experienced and adept, I don’t even arrange them at all. I find pleasure doing the easiest things first on my list and then just checking those off one by one. It is a very fulfilling and satisfying process. I really recommend making lists, it has helped me tremendously. In our in-depth premium course, we will be discussing how to use lists in an extremely effective manner. We will be using advanced techniques that will also be easy to learn for a beginner. Stay on the look out for that course!

The reason this article even exists in the first place was because I wrote down on one of my lists that I would write this article about creating lists. That is quite funny because it is like list-ception. Anyway, I don’t think there is much else for me to talk about lists because this is simply the introduction to the basics of creating lists. Most people do not use lists because they do not even know you can use them. I am now putting this idea out there so people can incorporate it. It is quite obvious advice as well because a lot of people have talked about creating lists in the past. It is one of the most common self-help and productivity techniques out there. It is very fundamental and also foundational to a person’s organization level and structure of their life.

I hope that you found value from this article. I have written it with the most effort I can possibly put into it at this current point in time in which I did not get much sleep. Now I hope you continue to stay safe and I look forward to serving you again in the future. God bless and have a great day!

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