My Current State as of Right Now

Okay so right now, I am dealing with insomnia which is ironic to say or admit to everyone on this website because my website is called Holistic Life Design. So how can someone holistically design their life if they can’t even get their sleep in check? Well, this is only a temporary problem for me for now, I usually am able to fall asleep no problem at all. It is mainly due to the excitement I have for this website and also inspiration to create more things. And so I have improved the site further by adding a book list page and also a login membership course system, which is still being implemented completely as I work with a designer from Upwork.

So the most important thing right now, I would say is for everyone to stay safe and be at home and make sure not to go anywhere that might put you at risk for contracting the Coronavirus. This is pretty common sense as of right now and I’m sure everyone is taking preventative measures. My biggest craving is for eating Vietnamese Pho outside. I could actually still order take-out but that would increase the chance of me getting the virus which I don’t want. And so we have decided instead to order the instant pho from online which doesn’t taste nearly as good.

I think I’m talking about food right now because I am typing this in the morning and I do feel a bit hungry. I’ll probably cook myself some dumplings or something like that. I am actually quite happy because I ordered some books from and one book that I really do like in particular is Og Mandino’s University of Success. Because I always felt that my education in college was incomplete, and so having this book is like closing that open loop for me and also investing into my education further. I pretty much got the book for about $4 total which is crazy because of the value it will provide me when I finish the book completely. It is divided into semesters and lessons which is so cool and I enjoy that a lot.

Anyway, I’ve been very productive lately, and this blog article will simply be a form of catharsis for me as I continue to improve this blog day by day and provide more value for everyone. I will try my best to do so and always continue improving myself so that things will better for everyone as well. I think that self-improvement of oneself improves everything around us including our close friends and relationships. I have seen that manifest myself and it is pretty evident in my entire life right now. I give credit to Tai Lopez for leading me to read books. It is taking Tai Lopez’s 67 step program that led me to read books which then led me to take courses which led me to create this blog website to provide value for the world. So I give credit to Tai Lopez for his guidance, knowledge, & wisdom.

This blog is such a valuable asset to me as well because it really lets me express who I am while giving value to everyone else. I think I would not sell it to anyone unless someone offered me at least $382,000 at this current point in time that I am writing this post. I’m sure that the value will increase over time as I continue to build it. So I am quite happy with everything that is going on and I look forward to building it into something big. I hope I will be able to do that with everyone’s support. Also the donation page is OPEN right now. You can even just donate a DOLLAR. One DOLLAR and that would help us a bit too. If all of my audience visitors donated a dollar, then this site would be able to run for 3 years on its own. I look forward to receiving more donations. We have already received a couple donations so far. Thank you for your support! We appreciate it. Really it’s just “I” appreciate it, but I say “we” because I think of Holisitc Life Design as a living entity as well. So I do refer to us as “we”.

I decided also to clean out my Facebook friends list. A lot of people were from my past and they all remind me of a past version of myself that no longer exists. I finding unfriending and blocking everyone that is contributing to my future version is no longer relevant in my life. I find it valuable and insightful to keep my social circle small and also be selective with the people I let into it. I find this a good lesson to keep in mind at this current point in time. I believe that is all that is on my mind so far. I hope I will continue to be able to provide value for everyone on this website! Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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