How to use Quantity & Quality

When we engage in any form of creative or even professional work, it is essential to use quantity as the initial starting phase of everything you do. Now in terms of releasing this work publically, is it smart to do that? I dont know. Only this, you can answer. Because when starting out, not all of our works will be great. Creating a good quality work is something considered good or even great. How do we create good quality work? You can do this by creating as many works as possible. For me, I aim to write as many blog articles as I can possibly can. I know most of them are flawed at this current stage, but I am new writer and so I believe I will improve the quality of my work over time by creating more quantity.

Quantity and quality are both correlated. I know that the more I do something, the better I will get at it. It is the same with my music. I’ve created 200+ songs and I know that my 200th song is much better than my first song I ever made. Why is it this way? It is because the more you create something, the more likely you’ll find patterns and different ways of doing something that will make it even better than your previous works. I am hoping to do this with my blog articles for this website. I am also hoping to do this with my promotion and branding skills. Before the launch of this website, I had a company called Gamified Lifestyle and the whole premise of that website / company was to help people create in life in a way that makes it seem like a video game. I created a blog for that as well. The whole thing went offline because I forgot that I switched my credit card / debit card. In my eyes everything about it was a failure. However, without that initial experience of launching a website and writing blog articles, I wouldn’t have ever been able to create Holistic Life Design dot com.

It is all because of that first initial website that I was able to create this one. And so that also a good example of quantity & quality. I know that if I create my next business or website, it will be even better if I choose to stop working on this one. But I do think that I will keep this running in the long term. I will develop experience and expertise the more I do anything related to this website. I know that I will learn SEO, branding, & promotion and the higher the quantity I do those things, the higher my quality will be eventually as well. Take note that in order for quantity to really develop into quality work, you must also be able to spot or notice patterns when you do something over and over again. In order to improve your next work, you must notice what happens if you adjust certain variables and whether or not it improves your next work. This will also be developed over time and experience when you do it enough times.

In a future article I will be discussing the principle of incremental improvement also known as Kaizen. Basically what that is, is making slight improvements every time you do something like 1% improvement every day and you will make exponential improvements after some time. I will not get too in-depth about that in this article. So I will simply be talking about quantity and quality. Now quantity won’t always lead to quality, there will be times where you see someone doing the exact same thing over and over without changing their technique or routine. I’ve noticed this with a lot of rap artists. They don’t know that what they’re doing isn’t working or is bad, and they continue using the same template or structure to write their songs. And every song would sound exactly the same. This is someone who isn’t conscious or aware about their work. In order to truly use quantity and quality in your work, you must be aware of what happens every time you create something and adjust the factors that might lead to improvement in your next work. That is how you create quality work. It is just that quantity leads to a greater chance of quality work and doesn’t gurantee it. Keep this in mind.

This quantity and quality principle is also linked to practice & forming habits. It is said the more you do something, the better you get at it, and also the greater chance you’ll a form a habit. So another key thing to keep in mind is that when you do something enough times, you might possibly form a habit of creating quality work. You can see this in many expert musicians & influencers of today, they can create quality work consistently and this is because of how MUCH they did something (quantity) and also turning it creation of quality work into a habit. The only down-side to this is that when you achieve a certain quality of work, you might stick to this template for some time, and it might lead to you plateauing or becoming stagnant in your progress because you’re used to that level of quality work. So achieving a higher level quality of work may be a bit difficult for these specific people because deviation from it is less likely due to it helping them achieve success in their life. But hey, don’t change anything if it works right?

In terms of quantity and focusing on that, a big benefit of that is it gives you room for experimentation even if things don’t turn out with quality. If you focus too much on quality and not quantity you might become too formulaic with your craft or work and this leads to no growth at all. This happens to a lot of professional workers, artists, & entrepreneurs. They become comfortable with their current level of quality and neglect creating a high quantity of work to experiment with which might lead to their next breakthrough. I myself enjoy focusing on quantity because it can indirectly lead to high quality work. I don’t enjoy reusing the same formula over and over for something because that makes things boring in my personal opinion. But these are the principles and depending on your style, you can use quantity or quality however you please. It is completely up to you.

I hope that this article has helped you or given you value or insight in any way at all. I look forward to serving you further. God bless & stay safe out there!

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