Investing in your Self-Education

It is so important to invest in your own self-education. Most people just complete college or high school and stop learning completely. This is a huge mistake. People must continue to educate themselves even finishing school because it is indeed our role to be a life-long learner. We must continuously educate ourselves because if we don’t, we would remain stagnant for years and years. This is the biggest mistake most people make. In my personal opinion, being the same exact person with no improvement or increase in knowledge is the same as death itself.

Self-Education is not limited to just reading books. It can also mean reading articles online or taking courses. The fact that you are reading this blog website is a good indication that you are indeed invested in self-education. This is a great sign for sure. I do recommend buying books to read and buying courses that can change your life potentially. I think even reading the Bible can be considered self-education as well. Having a road map or guide in your life will take you so far compared to not educating yourself at all.

If you are just starting out and not invested in self-education, that is okay. This applies to many people. I will show you how you can invest in your self-education. If you are already doing so, that’s so great! I am happy you are taking steps to improve your life by increasing the amount of knowledge you have. I hope that you are still able to find value from this post even though you are already investing in self-education. Okay, so the first step to self-education is to become an avid reader. This can be done by reading as MANY books as possible that are relevant to achieving all of your goals. To first start out, if you are lacking financially, I recommend borrowing a book from the library (when this whole Coronavirus thing dies out) or even just downloading PDF books online.

A good PDF website to download books for free is They offer so many books for free even the paid ones. You will have access to so much knowledge here. The next problem you might face is, knowing where you’ve read up to. Most people struggle with remembering where they read up to and so a great app to solve this problem is “Reading List”. The Reading List app allows you to save what page you’ve read up to in your book and you know to update it every time you make progress in your book. This will allow you to keep track of your reading and also eventually finish every book that you read. It is so useful because you can also feel that sense of satisfaction of completing a book and seeing a list of all of them.

Another free way to invest in your self-education is YouTube. Most people use YouTube as an entertainment website, but it can also be used as a free education platform. You can do this by creating a playlist ONLY for your educational content / knowledge accumulation for your goals. You can name this playlist “Self-Education” or something like that. For me my playlist is called “Life Design Reboot Playlist 1.0”, you can customize this however you please. The next thing is you do a youtube search for all the videos that apply to what you need currently in life. Examples would be “How to set goals”, “how to read better”, “How to learn faster”, “How to be more motivated”, “How to create a blog”. If you start your search with “How To” you can find a lot of things that you need. Add as many videos as you possibly can that you think you will benefit or acquire knowledge from.Then you can watch the playlist in order whenever you feel to need to be educated.

The next platforms you can use for your self-education is Skillshare & Coursera. These two platforms have free memberships in which you access thousands of free courses. This is the power of the internet. I recommend these two sites because I am using them myself to learn new things as well. There are some high quality courses out there which are free. Some you might have to sift through because they have been made by amateurs. You have to develop discernment as well and use your intuition in the initial phase to see if the person teaching you knows exactly what they’re talking about. This intuition will be developed further through experience and time.

If you feel that you are doing quite well financially, you can invest in the premium subscription of Skillshare and Coursera and get access to their entire library of high quality courses. Another platform for accessing courses is Udemy. The courses usually go for $10.99 each and are a very good investment for your self-education as well. I used Udemy during my initial phase of Self-Education. Udemy has definitely helped me develop my current foundation which led me to create this holistic life design website. Without Udemy, I do not think this website would exist. So I give credit and props to Udemy for that. The original credit does go to Google & YouTube though, which led me to stumble upon Udemy in the first place. Shouts out to them as well. In my premium course I will discuss advanced techniques and methods to invest in your self-education even more effectively. In this article, I have discussed some of those methods including the YouTube way.

As you continue to develop a habit of investing in your self-education and increasing your knowledge base, you will notice that your life will start to gradually improve. So many great things will happen in your life and you will also become a different person as well. It is that identity shift that happens that also makes self-education such an important aspect of life too. I hope that you found value or insight from this article and I will continue to serve you in my future articles and courses as well. Thank you so much for reading!

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