The Ingredients of Happiness

Today’s topic is basically on how to feel happy or be happy in life. Happiness is comprised of multiple factors & ingredients. The first fundamental factor is definitely gratitude which we have discussed previously in the blog. The next factor is fulfillment in the 13 areas of life which is pointed out on the home page. The other factor is the improvement of oneself and closing the gap between where you are now and where your ideal self is. Ok, Happiness. Hmm, this is a hard topic actually to really write about because everyone is happy about different things but I am able to dissect happiness into some fundamental ingredients. There are definitely more, I will point them out in just a moment.

I think this can also be a difficult topic to talk about because everyone’s personality is different to some level as well and it might not apply to everyone but I’m going to try to offer you all the core similarities to everyone that would provide happiness to them. I talked about gratitude because it is definitely essential maintain a positive attitude to life by appreciating all the things you already have. The abundance that is prevalent around us may not be so obvious to the untrained mind. It is a mental programming of the brain that allows us to feel more happy too. Some people believe they’re not meant to be happy and that’s just not true. With enough practice and discipline, you can practice cultivating happiness in your life.

I myself write in my gratitude system each day to improve my overall mindset to life and also appreciate the things I have especially the people who provide value to me in my life. If you really develop that practice, you can create that true joy and happiness in your life. I think you really have to be a cup half-full type of person instead of a cup half-empty person. If you alter your perspective just slightly, your whole reality changes. I don’t know why this happens. I’m not a scientist or psychologist but I know that changing your mindset and perception and view of situations will lead to more happiness.

The next thing that cultivates happiness is doing the things you enjoy as much as possible. For all the things you don’t enjoy, ideally what you should do is delegate those activities to other people by hiring someone or just not doing them altogether. But I do know people have their own responsibilities to fulfill in life so doing this might not be possible at all. If that’s the case, you include all the activities you enjoy as much as you possibly can. For me I love writing on my blog. I try to set as much time as I can to write on my blog although sometimes I would find that I don’t have much time to do so. I also do this for creating music as well. I am now able to create songs that I very much enjoy and also professional like mainstream quality. I’m quite happy about that.

So the next point is creating things that you can be proud of. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a form of art or music, it could be creating a valuable friendship with someone or even teaching something to a kid in your community or something like that. There are vast possibilities to explore this creation process. You can create anything you wish. We were created in God’s image, and since God is a creator, we are creators too. You can create happiness in your life by exploring all of the things that truly resonate with you. There’s no need to always engage in the things you don’t enjoy. You have choices you can make. Otherwise it truly is just slavery. I know this might not be possible if there’s a job you must go to that you don’t like to feed your family or something like that. If that’s the case, then find another job. There’s so many job opportunities out there.

The next factor ingredient to happiness is having a synergistic balance in your life. So this is definitely basis of holistic life design. We advocate finding harmony and synergy in every aspect of your life. You can do this by working on every aspect. In our in-depth course that we have yet to release, we will be releasing a course on how to synergistically work on every area of your life and also have areas improve because of their intertwined nature as well. This is one key secret to the whole thing.

I will definitely discuss how to work on these ingredients of happiness later down the road in my future articles. For now I will cover all the ingredients I can think of that you need to really cultivate that true happiness in life. Another factor to happiness is making consistent progress towards the direction you want to go in life. You don’t even have to reach your goals. It is that sense of progress / improvement towards your goals that brings the most happiness. I don’t know why this is, but chasing after a dream is more fulfilling than having it fully manifested. There are definitely more factors and I can’t think of all of them at this current point in time and so I will leave you all with just this for now. If I think of more, I shall add it on to this article and update it.

I hope you that you received any value at all from this article and stay safe out there!

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