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Hi everyone, today I will talking about the basics of how to start your own blog. It is absolutely free to do so but some functions will be a little bit limited. There are two ways to start a blog you can use to start your own blog for free. The second way is to get your own web hosting which can be done for free & install the open source version of This blog itself was created with is easy to use and is very convenient because it comes with a one-click set for themes and other things as well. It gave me access to create content with quick and easily.

Before you start a blog, you should decide whether it is a personal blog or a professional blog to serve others. It can be a mix of both as well, taking some elements of personal and also some elements of professional. It is good to choose a side that is right for you. For this Holistic Life Design website, it leans more towards the professional side but it also has personal elements to it because I am able to express my thoughts on certain things and also share my personal experiences too with the use of the DMB (Daily Message Board).

Writing blog posts doesn’t necessarily have to be long. If you’ve decided that you would like to create a personal blog for your own use and share your experiences with others, you can literally write about whatever you please. This gives that freedom of expression and ability to create content very effortlessly. We all have things in our minds and writing a blog is a great way to mind dump all of that as well as express who we truly are as well. You can always start with the Free version of to just build your blog a bit to see if you enjoy the process overall, if you would like to remove ads you can always upgrade to a personal plan or premium and so on. You can upgrade step by step and see what suits your current needs at the moment.

And really, you just gotta keep focusing on writing content on your blog. As for all the SEO stuff and promotion, you can look up on Google or YouTube how to do that.

The second way to start a blog is to use the .org version of WordPress. You must have a website hosting provider to be able to install this version. There are many free web hostings out there, all you have to do is google it. Some web hostings even have a one-click installation process for WordPress. But if you are new, it is good to use to test out whether or not you like it. The version (Self-Hosted Site) will get rid of all ads and banners and also give you access to install all plugins.

The version limits you to only be able to install it with a Business plan which costs $25 a month and isn’t something most people will need immediately when first starting out. I myself am currently on the Premium plan which costs $8 a month at this current point in time and it does everything I already need right now. I am quite satisfied with and its service. The good thing about is that it also has incredible and amazing Live support. They really help you with ALL kinds of website issues and even offer to help with coding like CSS and stuff like that. They have helped me tremendously in that area.

Starting a blog will help you be able to express yourself fully and I find it to be a great asset that has high potential to turn into a business entity later down in the future. I recommend that everyone create their own blog. There are also other platforms to create your blog such as Wix, and a lot of others if you google them. But I myself am only using WordPress as of right now and I can only share my experience with this platform that I am using.

If you find that blogging is quite enjoyable, then continue to do so! It will be good to have blogging as part of your life. I hope that this post has helped you in any way at all! I look forward to serving you more in the future as well. God bless & Take care!

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