My Struggles in Life & How I Overcame Them

I come from a middle class family. However I still struggled quite a lot in life because I went through certain things. I was bullied back in school for being different and also socially inept. I believe I have undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome. I could never really read social cues / social situations properly and almost had no friends growing. I suffered from depression in high school, low self-esteem and anxiety all the way up to college. I went through so many painful experiences and also rejection. But it didn’t stop me from trying to learn how to be better. I focused on how to be better so life wouldn’t be so difficult for me.

My love life also struggled for quite a long time until I learned certain skill sets and also improved my confidence level. I will tell you everything I did to make life easier for myself and how to overcome the struggles you may have in life as well. What I want to say is this. It is a blessing to have struggles in your life. It is also a blessing to have pain in your life as well. These are things that can shape your overall resilience and capacity to IMPROVE yourself. I was always feeling like nothing I did was ever good enough and I’m not sure where this limiting belief came from but most likely from my childhood traumas and experiences.

I could never feel like I fit in with society and I felt a sense of abandonment and also I had to be strong all on my own. I never talked about this with my family nor would they be able to see I had this issue in my life. I also gone through life thinking that this was normal to have even though it really wasn’t, since everyone around me would be making lots of friends and also finding good relationships in their lives. I would be the one without any of these things at all. But luckily the internet existed. I was able to GOOGLE things. Google was really my guide in life that really paved the road for me.

If I felt extremely depressed, what I would do was google “How to stop feeling bad right now” or something of that sort and Google would offer me multiple web pages that would discuss this topic. I would read EVERY material I could get my hands on and this led me to personal development and improving myself every single day. Google is what changed my life completely. There are many experts online that you can find advice from and they really have tangible techniques that can help you improve your life. If I couldn’t socialize well with people, I would also google “How to talk to people better”. This would lead me on the path of learning social dynamics.

It also made me realize you can literally learn ANYTHING you want on the internet. The opportunities were VAST and infinite almost like you possessed a divine power through your computer or phone. This is still how it feels to me now in 2020 even though I started doing this back in 2009. (11 years Ago). It is crazy that people would consume everything from entertainment to social media, but not realize that the internet HAS PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE FREE AND AVAILABLE TO YOU AT ANY TIME. This is something you must really understand.

You no longer have to BUY books or purchase classes to learn online although I do this now for the higher quality material, but you literally learn for free on YouTube, Google, Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy and so much more. There is also a website called PDF Drive and you can download PDF books for free which would normally cost money if you were to buy the physical version at a book store. This is just so crazy to me that people aren’t using the internet this way. I’m sure many knowledge-hungry people are doing this now and me being one of them but this is one of the things I am so passionate about. I do plan on turning into a educational & informational resource that people can go to for foundational knowledge. That is truly my whole-hearted intention.

But yes, the power of the internet is incredible. And as you increase your knowledge through FREE resources on the internet, you can then move on to paid resources like books or courses on psychology, metaphysics, success principles, social dynamics, goal-setting and so MUCH MORE. This is when you use the free resources to better yourself and even improve your financial life which you can then invest in to repeat the process even more effectively. Rinse & Repeat. This is what I have been doing for the last 3 years and I have transformed into a whole different person. The existence of this website and the material on it is direct apparent proof of that.

You must seek the knowledge and solutions to ALL your problems in life right now. And that is exactly what I did. That is how I was able to overcome all my struggles and problems in life. My problems of self-esteem issues, confidence issues, relationship issues, lack of social dynamics and awareness, poor self-image, and so much more. They have now been resolved about 92%, The other 8% of my problems are simply deep rooted subconscious fears and pains that are a part of my overall identity. But hey, 92% does sound better than 0% to me. I now feel a huge sense of control over my life and direction and purpose as well. These are the benefits of leveraging the internet and also seeking the knowledge to all your problems through it and also investing into SELF-EDUCATION.

This is the secret. This will be another one of the FOUNDATIONAL POSTS in the article. I shall create a category called FOUNDATIONAL / FOUNDATION. Thank you for reading this article and I hope this has helped you in any way at all. I look forward to serving you even more in the future. God bless, good bye & have a nice day!

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  1. It’s awesome brother. Great people are different from the society, because society is in rat race. So you will not fit easily in the society and it’s a good thing.

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