Creating from a Stream of Consciousness

Okay so this is the next article. I am creating from a stream of consciousness. I have not planned this at all. It is completely spontaneous. I am hoping to write really well and also create something valueable for you all. So, I really hope I can fill this article to the brim with no end goal in my mind and hopefully it turns out to be something good or even insightful. My last post was also written by my stream of consciousness with zero pre-planning although my overall goal is to write 3 articles in a day and this is my second one. I think that what I can offer everyone is literally to YES HAVE A VISION AND PLAN FOR THE FUTURE.

But there is something good for going with the FLOW aka operating from your stream of consciousness. Operating from your stream of consciousness allows you to eradicate all constraints and boxes that limit your full expression of self. When the self is constricted in its expression, inspiration & flow is limited to a certain extent and you will not be able to create your best work. Also the process is less enjoyable as I now understand from my excessive pre-planning. Pre-planning is great too for preparation but it can be a limiting factor in your creations.

What I did previously was I drafted out all the article titles and topics I wanted to write about before creating the articles themselves and this led me to feel forced to write about certain things only. I found this to be very limiting and also lowered my creativity levels because my spontaneous ideas in the present moment could possibly be even better than the ones I pre-planned in the past. And this is one of the valuable lessons I’ve learned just today. I know that planning everything out is a good habit to undertake but sometimes spontaneity and creation from a stream of consciousness can really take us to somewhere we didn’t even know we could go.

And yes right now I am still operating from that stream of consciousness. Everything I am writing now does not have an outline or anything like that. I am simply writing as if I am personally speaking to the audience myself. I am not trying to be verbose or anything like that either because I do want to give value to everyone. Sometimes I do believe stream of consciousness writing can act as a filler for my content and that is okay, I believe this is good to do time to time because we aren’t always going to be creative 24/7 and SOMETHING is better than NOTHING at all. I’ve seen this happen with TV shows and anime where the content creators create filler episodes to drag on the main story and I admit that I am doing this with stream of consciousness writing.

But the thing with what I am doing now is that it is also fulfilling and satisfying for me to do and it CAN potentially help people even if I do not believe so. Sometimes the things we believe about our actions are limited and we might actually be doing more or giving more value than we actually know. Some of the best works of art come from stream of consciousness creating / writing. I know that some of the best artists didn’t take time to PRE-PLAN everything they did before they actually just DID it and created whatever they created. We must find that good balance between pre-planning and spontaneous stream of consciousness creation.

I myself am trying my best to find that balance right now. And eventually I believe I can master it. This whole Holistic Life Design concept is rooted in gradual improvement and progress and not in perfectionism. I like that it is rooted in those things because it relieves all anxiety, concerns and high expectations that can cause one to feel depressed or unworthy. It grants a high confidence and motivation regardless of where you currently are in life. I believe that is very important to have in life especially when we are maneuvering difficult situations overall.

I hope you found any value from this article and I look forward to serving you again! Have a great day and God bless!

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