Expectations, High Standards & Flow of Inspiration

Okay so today, I am not going to discuss any particular topic associated with the 13 areas of life. This will be simply a personalized blog article and it may or may not add value to your life. I will try my best to add value always but sometimes there is a creativity / writer’s block that occurs despite my intention to write with a focus. And thus, today I’ve decided I am going to write whatever is on my mind and hope that it turns into something valuable for the audience. Sometimes the best works are created with a stream of consciousness. Today I was very productive without filling up my tasks all the way to the brim. I believe selection of focus is very essential .

Today’s article will be quite easy and relaxed to write because there are no creativity constraints when I am writing. And that actually can lead me to write about why we shouldn’t force rules or certain constraints on ourselves whenever we are creating something. It may limit our creativity overall and we are forced to create within a box or category. Today’s topic may be put into the miscellaneous category and still be able to add value to peoples’ lives possibly. That, I won’t know for sure but I know that I am just expressing my unique voice while I am writing this article.

What I can leave with you today is that you should never expect too much from the decisions you make in life. This applies to everything because a lot of the decisions we make may or may not generate the effect or outcome we desire. And when things happens, we should keep a low expectation because that would keep us from being disappointed. A person who always has high expectations on everything he / she does will be imprisoned by always needing to be high performance in everything and this can be extremely exhausting. I myself have fallen into this kind of trap.

I realized that when I am being a creator, I can simply go with the flow of whatever my intuition / inspiration sparks in me and writing can be an ease and joy to my life, rather than forcing a topic to write about using certain outlines / other forms of preparation in advance. Today I am quite happy that I am able to be insightful in this article without having a planned focus and this lets me feel more confident in my self-expression and writing ability. I do always have a certain standard of how MUCH I should write up to in every article so it is a bit of work although I enjoy it overall.

It is good to have certain expectations that you can normally meet. But by putting on too many expectations on yourself, you can fall into the trap being constantly exhausted and trapped by your own high standards. It is good to find that balance of not having things too easy and also not having things too hard for you. You must get better gradually rather than trying to be perfect all at once. If you’re a person who believes in high performance on a 24/7 basis, then go right ahead and do that. But if you get exhausted, make sure to adjust certain things to make it work for you because you must also take care of yourself. I myself am currently learning this insight, lesson & wisdom.

And so I have actually written something insightful today even without an actual plan on what I am going to write about. I feel quite happy about that. Another thing good about this blog is that I am literally the boss of this website and I can write whatever I wish according to the standards I set for it. I can leave in my personal thoughts if I would like and not have to uptight or extremely professional and if I do so desire.

I hope you have found this article to be helpful at all and I look forward to serving you in my future articles as well! Take care & God bless!

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