The Art of Vocal Tonality

Today I am going to talk about vocal tonality. Vocal tonality is so important to our social interactions. People usually judge us based on the sound of our voices. If we have bad voice, it’s mostly due to our vocal tonality being bad. Vocal tonality consists of many technical factors and we are going to discuss all of them today. We are going to discuss pretty much everything to do with the voice today. The reason I would like to talk about this is because I used to have a very bad voice myself. I have improved on it because I became a rap artist which incorporates the voice heavily.

I have learned many technicalities which enable to manipulate my tone and energetic vibrancy of my voice and this allows me to convey certain emotions to other people in the way I want it to. This gives me a level of control over my social interactions with others and also allows me to effectively express myself succinctly. By having control over your vocal tonality, you can control highly how you are perceived by others. If you have good vocal tonality, people will respect you more and see you the way you want them to.

Ok so the basics of vocal tonality is not so hard. I can keep simple for all of your here. The first step is to keep your voice relaxed and calm. It doesn’t mean be quiet but it means to not have tight vocal cords and just tight throat muscles. You gotta do like vocal trills and vocal fries and stuff like that, it will help relax your voice. Another good way to relax your voice is to yawn a lot. This is technique taught by Morgan Freeman who is a master with his voice. I do this sometimes to make my voice sound better and also more vibrant and strong and relaxed.

The next thing to do with your voice is to make sure you project. So now that you have relaxed your voice, it is good to put more energy into it and be louder. This doesn’t mean shout or scream, but speak in a way that is louder than you usually do. Control the output of your voice by keeping it steady, calm and effortless too. If you do music, you will be able to do this more easily because you would have listened to your voice often through recordings and you would adjust accordingly. I do recommend recording your voice into an audio recorder to see how it sounds. Majority of people hate how their voice sounds. But with practice, you can learn to love your voice!

Projection is so key because people don’t like how quiet someone’s voice is and it conveys zero presence and influence because of how weak it sounds. Being loud enough and projecting in a calm steady matter demands respect from others, and also makes you feel more confident as well. Listening to your own voice can boost your own emotions if done in a good vocal tonality. So we covered relaxation & projection. Now the next thing is actually the TONE of your voice. The tone of your voice is basically the music you make while you’re talking. Everyone has a musical note when they talk. Some people are monotone and some people vary in tone a lot. It’s good to maintain a balance in both. You dont wanna be too monotone and you don’t wanna vary your tone too much.

Being monotone conveys that you don’t have much emotion. I used to be like this myself until I practiced with time and became more in touch with who I am and now I can express myself with good vocal tonality. Varying too much in tone signifies that you aren’t so confident in yourself and that you seek people’s attention. You don’t want to do this either because it conveys a low status image to other people. The balance is to fluctuate in tonality not too much and not too little. You must experiment and find your balance and find what works most effectively for you. This will take a bit of practice.

You can work on your vocal tonality by also studying the speakers you admire the most. I personally like Jim Rohn’s vocal tonality and also a lot of actors have good vocal tonality as well. If you can model your vocal style after someone who has cultivated for a long period of time, you will definitely find results in creating a very good vocal tonality. Since I do rap music, I must be very efficient and effective with vocal tonality, otherwise the music would sound really bad. And so I have developed vocal tonality to a certain degree to assist me in making good music.

You must experiment with the music / tone you make with your voice. You can practice by also reading things out loud. Most people when they read, they read in the sort of reading kind of voice and you can tell that they’re reading. If you want to practice vocal tonality, you must read as if you’re having a conversation with someone or making a speech. The tone must be realistic as well and as real as you can be because that will make others gravitate towards you more. And the whole point of vocal tonality is really to increase your confidence and also influence around other people socially. If you make music, improving this will also help a lot as well.

I hope that this article has provided you with a lot of value and I look forward to writing more articles for you! God bless you and take care!

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