The Trap of Constant Wealth Accumulation

In this current society we live in, we will tend to chase after money and accumulate it as much as possible. Sure money does help cover a lot of basic things we need in life like having a home, having food to eat, having a place to shower and use the bathroom, and stuff like that. But in terms of getting resources simply for luxury, I believe it is excessive to accumulate wealth for those reasons.

The other thing that will happen is that we can fall into the trap of greed and constant money accumulation where it becomes endless. No matter what amount we accumulate in finances, our human insatiable hunger to keep accumulating vast resources can imprison us indefinitely. I’m not saying it is bad to accumulate money in general, but there needs to be a balance for sure.

I believe wealthy people should use their money to help others in the world. They should focus on philanthropy and the empowerment of others to live life they do. They should reveal all the beneficial techniques they incorporate that makes life easier for them to others. I believe money is a tool to be used that can promote more balance in our lives. I call this website Holistic Life Design and money should be used to do exactly that. We should use money to fuel our vision rather than accumulate money for the sake of accumulating money and just feeling “rich” about it.

It’s like if you get your first million dollars, you’re going to want to try to get 2 million, then 4 million then 10 million then 20 million and so on. It’s an endless accumulation of money. And you could fall into this trap. It’s a trap if you become obsessed with growing the money rather than using it as a tool to fuel your holistic life design & personal development.

A good question to ask yourself is who would you be if you lost all the money to your name? Would you still be a person of value? Would you have many skill sets and character traits to help you maneuver through life? These are quite essential questions to ask yourself. I myself am not rich right now, but I have used the money that I have to generate massive value for my life. I do not accumulate money to indulge or buy luxurious things or brand name stylish clothes (though I have in the past and I have now changed this bad habit). I now use it to fuel my personal development, growth, & holistic life design. I use it to fuel this website as well which serves as a platform to help provide value to the world and to whoever needs the information and knowledge that I put. I really hope to influence people in a positive or even life-changing way.

Money accumulation can be helpful but never accumulate it just for the sake of accumulating. You must have goals for yourself in terms of what you would like to do rather than acquire it just to have a lot of it. I believe that an average net worth person who has the essential holistic life design knowledge will live a life much better than a rich person who is only focused on acquiring more money all the time. I believe this with conviction. So even if you are not rich or maybe if you’re even lacking financially at this current point in time, Holistic Life Design will be able to help you tremendously.

It will make you extremely resourceful, goal-oriented, laser-focused with high self-awareness and clarity as well. This is the power of this kind of system. I believe with utmost conviction that Holistic Life Design will override your desire to accumulate money endlessly. It is a way of life and it will get you to focus on the overall picture rather than plunge into that infinite rabbit hole of despair and suffering.

Use money in a resourceful & empowering way. Don’t let money use you. Get clear on what you want and take action to obtain those things. Don’t be a slave to money. Money should always work for you. Thanks for reading my post and I hope this article has helped you in anyway. I look forward to serving you again and again!

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