Why the Coronavirus doesn’t Affect Me

I’d like to say why the Coronavirus doesn’t really affect me much at all. I’ve been doing the same exact things I’ve been doing the whole time. Using the power of the internet, writing online, journaling, prayer, self-therapy, and many more things I will cover in this article. I think that the only thing Coronavirus affected me is not being able to go to the gym. This has affected my gains very much and also my whole exercise routine. I am currently using free weights at home as an alternative but the full body workouts are kind of hard to do. Anyway, I was never much of a person who went outside a lot anyway, so staying at home was kind of my thing this whole time

I mainly rely on the internet now and also I’ve generated most income online as well. I order things from online mostly too so shopping outside isn’t really my thing either. I understand that most people are panicking because of not being able to work but there are also a lot of online jobs as well. These can be good alternatives to your working problem at this moment. And so for me personally, I think that the Coronavirus didn’t really affect my attitude at all. I am still a very grateful, optimistic, & positive person. So I found it very strange that it is reported that everyone is panicking even though I am in this state of bliss and joy. Perhaps there is something wrong with me? I don’t know.

All I know is that I am not affected much by this Coronavirus situation. We are also now ordering groceries and food online and we do not go outside. I also don’t have any problem staying away from people because I was a social recluse growing up as well. So it is a kind of dynamic that I’ve been used to since forever. This is really interesting to me that many people are affected so heavily and yet I myself am not affected almost at all. Perhaps it is simply that attitude that we all possess and seeing the news statistics and deaths do not really affect my mood because they are based on the total of people who are unfortunate in handling the Coronavirus situation. It does not count the total people who are completely unaffected by this situation. By pondering on the negativity of the situation, it does not benefit us at all. By focusing on the things we can actually do and the premeasures we can actually take, only in that way it will benefit us.

There are definitley many people who are struggling currently but this type of struggle was always prevalent whether or not the Coronavirus existed. There are millions of people dying every day from all sorts of causes not just disease related. So, to only focus on the severity of the situation now is ironic and preposterous to me. I am not speaking on this from the lack of compassion or empathy. If you have suffered from this Coronavirus situation, I do offer my condolences. I am sorry that you have to go through this type of situation or suffer any losses or consequences at all from it. It’s just that I cannot relate to those types of problems because I am perfectly healthy and also I have deep faith in God as well so my attitude is completely different from the majority of the world. My mind is mostly focused on God, Holistic Life Design, & Personal Development. So negativity never really enters my mind because it’s only full of the perfect and beneficial things in my life.

I do recommend placing your selection of focus on things that are only beneficial to you if you truly want to holistically design your life instead of letting circumstances dictate the way your life goes. That is just one thing to consider especially if you believe you have no control over this current situation. The government is also offering monetary relief and income as well to help you financially in a situation like this. Apparently we are all given $1,200 by the government due to this whole epidemic. I would’ve never expected free money to land in my pocket this year. I thank God for this unexpected financial bonus!

Anyway, I do think some people will get angry or bitter that I’ve written this post. I actually do not care at all whatsoever because I am not responsible for other people’s emotions. Anger is your own emotional and mental imprisonment which does not affect me at all, though in the past I would be affected by psychic attacks which I am now immune to due to the grace of God and his Angels.

I hope this post didn’t make you mad or anything like that, I hope you found some value or insight from this post. My intention isn’t to downplay anyone’s struggles or losses, although if you take it that way, my content is probably not curated or designed to target you in the first place. God bless, stay safe, & take care!

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