Transmute Negativity into Positive Productivity

Today I would like to talk about how to use negativity to your advantage. When you are in a negative emotional state perhaps due to unexpected circumstances, people, or things, then you can use this opportunity to make the best out of it. How can we use negativity to our advantage? Instead of trying to make it into positivity through reframing techniques and stuff like that, there is a better way to do things. What you can do is channel that negativity into creative things. There are many ways to do this.

The first thing you can do if you’re in a negative state is do self-talk. Basically what self-talk is speaking to yourself and talk as if you’re having a conversation with yourself. This may seem a bit weird most people, but it is an effective form of therapy / counseling for yourself. It is very introspective as well. You will discover deep insight about yourself too. But that is not the goal of the self-talk. The self-talk goal is to speak about things that you are currently thinking about and transforming them into something productive. By speaking on your thoughts you can find potential solutions to what you are currently going through. I find this extremely productive. Whenever I am struggling with negative emotions, I would do a self-talk and basically I would know exactly what to do in my current situation. This is also a good way to consult with yourself basically. You have a God-given intuition that has a lot of intelligence on a subconscious level. By doing self-talk, you can use this intelligence to your advantage.

The next thing you can do is write music or poetry or free form writing. You can write basically anything you want. You can create a form of art through this. It might not become popular or famous but you will know that you have created something productive out of your negativity. You might be able to use your work to inspire others as well. Some of the best forms of art or creative works have come out of depression or extremely negative emotional states. I think this is one big positive aspect of negativity which is funny to say. I myself do not go into negative emotional states often, but when I do, I definitely incorporate these techniques to make life much more productive when I am in these states. It has helped me dramatically in my own life and also brings a sense of joy when I transmute these negative emotions.

Another thing you can do when you are in an emotional state is to record yourself talking on camera. You do not have to show this to anybody, it can be your own self-therapy video session where you just talk about everything that is on your mind. I’ve done this personally myself and it is very cathartic and productive because you can always look back to the video to see how you were previously thinking and also receive insights from it. You can also study it to see what aspects you can work on to improve your life further. It is quite amazing actually. When you create things from a negative emotional state, it is possible to create something extremely amazing that you wouldn’t be able to create otherwise.

Creating a to-do list when you are in a negative emotional state is also quite effective as well. When you are negative, making a list of things to do will improve your emotional state because there is satisfaction in checking things off too. You will also be less negative and also be very productive because you are checking these things off on your list. It is a good way to channel negativity into productivity as shown in the title of this article. Doing things and getting things done especially when we feel down can be the solution to our negative emotional state. Most negative people will stay down and depressed and be a bit stagnant with their actions. It is best to move and perform action so that you will take yourself out of that state as soon as possible.

Productivity can be a good coping mechanism for people who are going through negative emotional states. If you can transmute this negativity into positive productivity, you will be moving towards your goals regardless of how bad you feel. And you will feel great about this eventually when you see your goals manifesting into fruition. I hope that this article helped you, gave you insight, or value overall. I look forward to serving you again in my future article. Take care and God bless!

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