Why I Don’t Meditate

I used to be a very spiritual metaphysical occult type of guy. I engaged in meditation very deeply in the past and have seen visions as well. I no longer do this anymore because of a lot of things. It led me down a very dark path personally. Now I know this won’t apply to everyone but I will be revealing why I don’t meditate anymore personally. The whole basis of meditation is to empty your mind and also achieve enlightenment. Most people use it now as a way to de-stress the way it is marketed to the world today. Sure it has its mental benefits and does help you focus better, but there is a spiritual side to meditation that not a lot of people are aware of, especially the person is who just a beginner to all this.

When we meditate, what happens is you risk Kundalini activation in the long term. I know that not all forms of meditation are the same but they can ALL lead to Kundalini activation. I myself am now of a Christian faith and I do not condone Kundalini activation due to many reasons. In the past, I have activated the Kundalini myself and what happened was that it gave me a very intense high and as well as joy, but this joy was very misleading. In the past I also practiced new age concepts like Law of Attraction, which I will be talking about in the future as well, and when I followed this “high and joy”, I started making decisions that people would know is obviously wrong. I started taking drugs like LSD and Ecstasy and this made me chase “high” emotions rather than being in tune with God.

Kundalini activation is not a good thing nor is it a pleasant process because it burns through all of your emotional blockages and traumas as well which is extremely painful. It can also cause depersonalization which makes you lose your sense of identity. When you lose your sense of self, life starts to feel meaningless. You lose all inspiration and motivation to live and you feel this sense that you’re lost and that you also “lost your soul”. This is exactly what has happened to me through my meditation process. As I did deeper research, Kundalini activation is also associated with demonic possession. I believe this is why I made the decisions I did because I know that my original self would never take drugs.

So if you see meditation as a harmless and healthy practice, guess again. It can be extremely dangerous. I will also let you know what I do now instead. Meditation is beneficial only if you are focusing on positive affirmations or taking in God’s word. If you are simply emptying your mind, it can be dangerous. Instead of emptying your mind, what I recommend is self-expression and self-catharsis through forms of art, self-talk, or journaling. Socializing with others can be a great way to “mind dump” as well. There are many alternatives to meditation. I am simply warning everyone here the potential danger of meditation.

If you would like to increase your level of focus, I recommend doing brain exercises via an app or play a video game that requires high reaction speed. That is also a good alternative to meditation as well. I don’t think many people are aware of how dangerous meditation can potentially be when they do it for the long term. I’m sure there are many who have had positive experiences with it, that is good, but there are those of us who will have very dangerous and bad experiences with it. I’m not trying to spread fear to everyone through this post, but I simply want to share an awareness for something that is not usually covered in the mainstream media.

What I’ve replaced meditation with is prayer. I am now a Christian and I pray every day to God now. Prayer is preferable in my opinion because you are not emptying your mind. You are establishing a communication link with the Most High and He is receiving all your thoughts and messages. Instead of emptying your mind into a void, there is a recipient who is also the strongest being in the whole universe. I do prayer to release negative emotions as well as things that are circulating in my mind. In a way, you can say that Prayer is meditation that has a sender & recipient as well as building of a relationship & connection. This is why prayer is much more powerful than meditation.

Meditation already comes from various religious faiths, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a Christian, you can still pray. Prayer is effective not only on a spiritual level but almost on a mental & emotional level because you get to express all of your thoughts and feelings. So if you are an atheist, you can still pray and find benefits from it. If you pray enough, you might find that you are slowly more drawn to God the Most High. Now I know this blog isn’t a Christian-based blog, and I am not trying to draw more people to Christianity with this blog, I am simply sharing my worldly ideas and this is actually one of them.

Anyway, I hope you have found value and insight from this post. And if you still decide to meditate, at least you know have the awareness of what can potentially happen in the long term. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your week!

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