Dairy & Brain Fog

I’d like to reveal something that may be a problem in someone’s life right now without the awareness or realization of it. That is consumption of dairy and receiving brain fog & emotional fluctuation from it. I myself have this problem when I consume any milk that is not the Lactaid brand. For some reason, Lactaid milk doesn’t do this to me. When I drink regular cow milk, what happens is I start to have brain fog in about a coucple of minutes and my creativity becomes completely blocked. Another thing is my mood would fluctuate or be somewhat bipolar for no particular reason at all. I’m not sure if this is related to lactose intolerance or not.

Perhaps it might be due to the build up of gas and causing a congestion in the breathing as well as as physical comfort which may be causing the emotional fluctuations as well. I don’t know the scientific or energetic reason behind this. I do have this theory that it might be due to the way the milk is extracted perhaps in a violent or stressful manner towards the cow which might be causing stress hormones to be released during the milking of the cow. I have this theory that the reason Lactaid milk doesn’t do this to me is because it does not cause lactose intolerance which is the first reason and the second reason is that it is ultra-pasteurized which means it is heated to very high temperatures and this could in turn be eliminating the stress hormones completely from the milk itself.

I’m not sure if this happens only for people with lactose intolerance but all I know it is a problem that I deal with on a day to day basis when it comes to consuming milk. If you notice you fall into these patterns as well when you consume regular dairy milk, then perhaps try drinking Lactaid milk and see if there is a difference. Sometimes our poor mood and creativity block can be due to the regular consumption of milk. I am writing this post to inform people that this may be a possible reason for their current inhibitions. Anything ranging from butter, ice cream, whip cream, etc. is considered regular cow milk which may potnetially cause the problems of brain fog & mood instability.

The best substitute for me is definitely Lactaid milk. For some reason, I don’t get those symptoms at all when I drink that brand of milk. I am not promoting it for any revenue or anything like that but it is the brand that has worked consistently well for me. I recommend it because it doesn’t induce any of the above mentioned symptoms and also it has a enjoyable taste as well. For me, I like ice cream and sour cream as well so it is difficult not to have the Lactaid brand of those things and sometimes I have to rely on Lactaid tablets which doesn’t work for me most of the time. The symptoms of brain fog and emotional instability still occur for me when I drink or consume anything that is regular milk.

The best thing would be to get rid of milk completely from your diet and see what happens. There might be a big change in your mood and mental clarity. I haven’t tried it personally myself but it’s a good experiment to try. I recommend it because I think regular milk definitely causes some sort of problem for me personally and I think there are many people out there with this same problem as well. I know that growing up in school we were all forced to drink cow milk and I have definitley experienced a lot of emotional problems growing up. Negative thoughts would also be quite prevalent during my childhood of going through school as well.

Personally, I think eliminating dairy altogether will bring a big benefit to our lives, it is a delicious commodity but isn’t required in our diet. I hope you found value from this post and I do recommend fasting from milk to see what would happen to your mental & emotional clarity. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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