What I do for Fun & Recreation

So right now we are all stuck at home because of this whole Coronavirus thing. I will tell everyone right now how I spend my time for fun & recreation. This post may or may not give you value, it will really depend on you and your mind set. I will mostly be sharing my personal experience when it comes to fun & recreation. So the first thing I actually do for fun & recreation is write on my blog. I like writing on my blog so much now. I wasn’t much of a writer before. I think I enjoy writing now because I’ve established an audience and there is this sense of sender & recipient feeling to it.

I feel like my thoughts are being appreciated globally which makes blogging so much fun for me. I also have a second blog as well but I won’t disclose it because it is pretty much my personal online journal. If you look hard enough you’ll probably be able to find it. But I’m not someone famous or anything so I don’t think anyone will put the effort to do so. Anyway, the second thing I do for fun is watch Personal Development courses on Udemy. I now watch Personal Development videos and courses as a form of entertainment. I have replaced most television and movies with personal development material. This is really good because I get to work on my life for FUN. It is an empowering thing because you now become the main character in your life when you replace television with personal development. I still do watch television time to time but only when I am eating food and so it will be brief for maybe about 20-30 minutes at a time. I will let you know what TV show I watch.

Ok so the next thing I do for fun is chat on the phone with one of my best friends. She is a great listener and we exchange ideas almost as if we are doing a personal consulting session for each other. We ask pretty deep questions and we talk for up to 2 hours sometimes. Most of the time its about an hour or so. But it is still a very productive hour because we are not gossiping about other people or speaking on negative things. We do mutual deep self-introspection together on the phone. Shouts out to my best friend. She knows that I am talking about her in this post when she reads this. You inspired a lot of my good ideas that I currently possess.

The other thing I do for fun & recreation is write my ideas on the Lyf social support app. It’s an app where people follow you if they enjoy, like, or are interested in your topic. And I was able to accumulate 267 followers at this current point in time. There is a huge interaction & engagement with all of the things I post. It seems as if I am a popular person when I am using that app which is so interesting because right now I believe my social circle isn’t that cultivated to the extent I’d like it to be but I’m still able to generate that “popular” type feeling when I use the Lyf app. I highly recommend it because you can discuss any idea you are passionate about or whatever problems you are having. You can choose to use your real identity or choose to remain anonymous.

Okay so the things I watch in terms of TV, I watch a show called Fresh Off The Boat, it is a situational comedy. I really enjoy it because it talks about an asian lifestyle in America and how the family adapts to all situations here. I am also Asian American myself, so it is very relatable and also the situations presented are quite funny and I enjoy the acting as well. The next thing I watch sometimes is documentaries on Curiosity Stream. It is a good way for me to expand my mind and learn things and is a good way to replace TV as well. I personally don’t watch news either. if I want to know more about the world, what I do is go on Google News and simply read up on the things relevant to my interests or grab my attention. At this current point in time, it’s just the same thing regurgitated and repackaged over and over. It isn’t beneficial. I’ve heard of Epoch News, which I heard about through an advertisement, but I never read it before so it might different I dont know.

Another thing I do for fun & recreation is make hip hop music. I am a rap artist and lyricist myself, you can also find my music on the About page of this website. I have 5 official songs at the current point in time I am writing this post. I record my vocals and I know how to mix and master my songs as well. I am able to play the role of a music artist, lyricist, and audio engineer too. It is quite amazing that I am blessed with so many skills. Anyway, I don’t listen to much music these days besides my own, that might sound narcissistic but it is actually a calculated intellectual decision to manage what goes into my mind. When I create my own music, I dictate exactly what lyrics and words go into my mind and this affects how I operate in my reality as well.

I have a dog at home named Mickey, he is 3 years old. I play with him for fun sometimes too. He loves my attention and always follows me around for food. I feed him chicken jerky and he is very well behaved too. He is definitely a part of my happiness in life too. Without him, home would feel much more lonely. He has played in big role and he can definitely truly be called a man’s best friend for sure. He has a very high intelligence and reacts to situations very proactively and high awareness too.

The next thing I do is play on my GBA console. It is not the original console I use. The one I play is called a Powkiddy x16. It is a chinese console that is able to download and play all GBA games as well as SEGA arcade games too. I mostly use it to play Mario and Pokemon. Mario is a classic game to play because it is relaxing and it also trains my reaction speed. I play Mario mostly to relax and also alleviate my mental & emotional state. I sometimes play with it when I am chatting with my best friend. I am able to have conversations and play at the same time without losing focus.

And the last thing I do for fun while I am at home is skim through books for knowledge or motivation. I would grab a pile of 6-7 books that are my favorite and also easy to read. I would individually skim through each of them for a message or a reminder or something I’ve previously learned. Some of these books I’ve read already before but perhaps I forgot some of the knowledge within it, and so skimming through these books is relaxing, enjoyable and also helpful to regain certain knowledge that I’ve forgotten. I love reading books too because it gives me a sense of connection to whoever wrote the book as well. Most of these books are written by people that I admire as well. So it is a one-sided communication of me taking in what they say but hearing what they say makes me feel more connected with the world since they are all proactive people.

And so these are all the things that I can think of currently that I do for fun & recreation especially during this time of the Coronavirus epidemic. I hope you found anything to be insightful or relatable. God bless & stay safe out there.

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