The Importance of Body Posture

Today’s topic will be on body posture and why it is so important to our daily function. This post will have something to do with energetics and also social dynamics and as well as attraction in the love area of life. It will also be incorporating your health and physical fitness areas as well. This post will cover the multiple areas of life. So the first thing I would like to talk about is why body posture is so important on an energetic basis. It is important because it affects our overall energetic circulation and how comfortable we feel in our bodies. If you maintain good posture, your energetic circulation will flow more smoothly and you will feel this relaxed sense of effortlessness in your body.

With this relaxed sense of effortlessness, you will be able to operate in life with a higher modality in which you feel energetically optimized for all your selected activities that you engage in. Your breathing will also be better as well. A person who is slouching will have poorer circulation and oxygenation than a person who is sitting up straight or standing up straight. This is because body posture is vital to our physiology. Body posture not only affects your energetics and physiology but also your confidence level and mood.

A person who has good posture is more likely to be confident and in a positive mood. If you are slouching constantly, you will most likely feel more negative and less confident about yourself. Body posture also has a hidden subconscious element that affects our overall self-image and self-esteem. People who develop good body postures can become more charismatic, confident, and influential. Body posture is also linked to body language and sub communications in society. When you have good body posture, you communicate to other people that you are a high status individual. Poor body posture communicates the opposite to everyone.

So how exactly can we build better body posture? Easy. You work out your back muscles at the gym. By working out your back muscles, specifically the lower trapezius back muscles and upper trapezius on a consistent basis, you will start to naturally develop good body posture. You can search online how to build your back muscles effectively. I have done this personally myself, and I am now almost always in a good posture without actively altering it. There is passive utilization of good posture simply by doing out physical exercises for your back. You can also work on your posterior deltoid muscles to get that leaning back effect on your posture, which opens up the chest and improves the overall energetic circulation as well.

Physically training isn’t a must for improving body posture. You can also simply manually adjust it yourself to your desired body posture and eventually get used to it by making it into a habit. The more you do something, the better you’ll get at it. The same goes for body posture. You can practice good body posture until it becomes a habit which then makes it automatic for you. For me personally, working out the gym and letting my muscles do all the work rather than me consciously adjusting it saves me a lot of trouble and headache on trying to alter the body posture.

The next benefit of good body posture is that it can affect your love life as well. If you have good posture, you’ll come across as more attractive to other people and you’ll also improve your chances of finding a partner in your life if you haven’t got one already. If you do have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or wife or husband, then improving your body posture will increase more respect from your partner on a subconscious level. You don’t have to do much work to communicate this because these are all non-verbal messages transmitted by the body and mind.

The benefits and importance of body posture seeps into multiple areas of life, which makes it so great to practice or work on. I myself, continually work on this aspect and try to be aware of it so that I can see more results in my life as well. I hope that you found value or insight from this post and I look forward to continue serving you in my future posts!

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