Designing your Ideal Self

Everyone has their own idea of their Ideal Self. True happiness is when we close the gap between where we are now and where our ideal selves are. To be able to design our ideal self, we must learn to set our own standards rather than let society dictate who we should become. It is like a video game where you are designing your own character. In this post, I shall discuss the basics of Designing your Ideal Self. The more in-depth and advanced principles of ideal self design will be discussed in the Holistic Life Design system 1.0 course.

So the first step to designing your ideal self is to write out the name you currently identify yourself with. Next is to add 2.0 to your name or 1.1 if you do plan on designing multiple ideal selves for every year or something like that. Anyway, most people can do pretty well with just a 2.0 version of themselves. Next is to list out everything you desire to see in the 2.0 version of yourself. 2.0 Version meaning your Ideal Self. It is not enough to simply list out everything you desire in your Ideal Self. You must set obtainable goals or QUESTS to become that new version of yourself.

To do this, you must list out the objectives or goals you must achieve to become this 2.0 version of yourself. These goals can also be dissected down to little bits and pieces that are easily obtainable for you. When you start achieving those mini objectives, there will be a positive feedback loop that occurs which will build momentum towards becoming your 2.0 Ideal Self version. To make this process even easier, list out all of the habits you must create in order to become your ideal version. Doing certain things enough times will program your brain to transform it into a habit. Once it is a habit in your life, you will then maneuver almost automatically towards your goals.

I will also create an in-depth post on goal setting / QUESTS making. I like to call them QUESTS because they remind me of my video game days where I would constantly level up and complete quests for rewards. But QUESTS and goals are the same thing. Anyway, once you’ve created the the clarity of who you want to become, and listed out all the goals you have to achieve, and also all the habits you have to create, you can now start working towards becoming your ideal version. Making progress towards your ideal version will bring this sense of satisfaction and fullfillment to your life. Right now I am always working towards my ideal version.

Creating this blog aligns with my ideal self identity and empowers me every single day. I believe the most difficult thing to do is completely become your ideal self. But you can always close the gap as much as you possibly can and this will bring you much bliss and joy. For me, it is not obtaining that ideal self, it is more about the sense of progress and journey towards it that is so valuable. Because in practicality, an ideal self is nothing but an idea we’ve conjured up about ourselves and how we should be. It is good to create certain standards for ourselves but we shouldn’t let it control our emotions and behaviors. We should rather see it more as a tool for personal growth rather than a mandatory obligation.

I can write so much about Ideal Self Design and so one post about it will not cover everything I want to say. I also do not want to write so much on one post because the average attention span of a person is not so high and my content is targeted towards everybody not just people with high attention spans. And thus I will be seperating the content into multiple posts that will be written later in the future as well. This makes it also so that people can casually sip in the information rather than gulp it down and choke on it. I have intentionally designed my content in a way that is optimized for all demographics. I am not writing with the use of incorporating SEO techniques or anything like that. I simply write what I am drawn to write and I let God do all the marketing and promotion for me.

The last thing I can leave you about Ideal Self Design, is to make sure it is truly someone you want to become rather than what you believe society expects of you. You must be aware of what your true values are and be real and genuine with what you want. You must have high self-awareness if you want to do this the proper way. Remember, it is the journey that matters the most not the destination. This is one of the key principles of Ideal Self Design.

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