The Advantages of Vulnerability

Today I would like to discuss the advantages of vulnerability. It is essential to living a happy life. Being vulnerable allows us to express our true selves. Of course we may risk rejection but when we are being vulnerable, we are also being real. Being real is always the way to go when it comes to maneuvering in life. This is because being real and vulnerable will bring opportunities and situations that match who you truly are. You will attract the right people, situations, and events into your life. Rather than operating with a superficial modality, you are leveraging vulnerability and realness into your arsenal of creating influence and change in your life.

When socially interacting with others, being vulnerable allows us to express ourselves without holding back at all. Not everyone will accept us, but we will know that we’ve taken the courage to be our complete selves and own the fact that we stayed true to our nature rather than adjust ourselves to adhere to someone else’s expectations or standards. Instead of constantly assessing yourself, you let what is natural for you shine through to everything that you do and this demonstrates huge courage. Courageous people are always rewarded in life. Sure there is risk in everything, but those who obtain valuable lessons from their mistakes receive wisdom more precious than gold.

Vulnerability also demonstrates our uniqueness to the world. Since there is no perfect standard in anything, vulnerability allows us to show the signature of who we really are and those who accept us will bond with us deeply. We do not need to change ourselves to make someone else like us. That is backwards. We must be ourselves and allow the world to adapt to us. That is true vulnerability. Vulnerability is taking the power that was within you the whole time and bringing it out to show to the world. That is true power. God created us to serve a particular purpose and we just gotta unveil what we’ve hidden in ourselves when adopting all these different societal modalities. We must erase all societal modalities and operate with our true selves.

Even as I type all my blog posts, I am indeed being vulnerable to the world because this is how I truly am. I am not focused on how I write or the mistakes I commit, I am focused on expressing who I am and my thoughts to the world in my own unique perspective. That is what the world wants to see from you truly. They want to see your uniqueness packaged up in a nice way that is presentable, and you can do this through the power of vulnerability. Sure there are some neat little tricks here and there to make presentation even more easier and effective, but the foundation is always the vulnerability. It is a loss to you if you operate under a false modality of not being who you are.

Kev Yfe Nbtu is also actually a name I’ve created for myself because it feels more like me. My original name does not actually express myself completely and so having a nickname or pen name allows me to express myself more completely and with vulnerability as well. I like that I can operate with the sense of being more like myself while sharing my ideas with others. I can be open and honest with my audience and show the world the side of me that I truly operate with rather than the societal expectations placed upon me. This is why I love vulnerability.

This is also powerful in relationships and creating love in your life. I personally notice that girls and women respect me a lot more when I come from a place of vulnerability rather than hiding behind all these different layers of identity. It is vulnerability that also brings out your charisma and attraction to others. People are drawn to what is real. And vulnerability is as real as anyone can be. There are different levels to vulnerability, I shall discuss that in a later post. But these are the basic advantages to Vulnerability and I hope they give you a good idea on what to focus on now for your social life, friends, & love life.
When you use the advantages of vulnerability, you get to build deeper connections with others and you will also receive a sense of happiness and satisfaction in yourself as well. Thank you and take care!

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