The Mind Dump System

Back at it again. Today I am going to talk about mental & emotional well-being and in particular DUMPING out all of the baggage and garbage accumulated in our minds. Right now as I write this article / blog post, I am also dumping things out of my mind as well. But I am transmuting these things into value for the audience of my blog website. So regardless of where you currently are in life, you have probably accumulated lots of information in your mind. This is the age of information and having too much information is a problem for most people of today.

This is why mind-dumping is so essential at this point in time. It doesn’t necessarily just have to be mind-dumping, it could also be content creation which is another form of mind-dumping. But today we are going to talk specifically about mind-dumping. So how can we effectively dump our minds? Well, journaling can be one way but there is an even easier way. Just make a list of everything that is currently on your mind. The basic mind dump system is that you write on paper or digitally everything that is currently on your mind by listing each individual thing out.

This will be considered a mind-dump. You can get creative with the whole list and add checkboxes to each thing you write out as well. They can be changed into tasks if you find them to be a priority in your life. You can put different categories on to the items that you’ve listed out from your mind. There are many ways to enhance the mind dump system. But today we are simply going to cover the basics of mind-dumping. I find mind-dumping to be one of the most useful tools in the world. I no longer have to be congested with information and I feel this sense of starting from a blank slate every time I do a mind dump. Sure thinking is always going to be inevitable but I can ease it by mind dumping on a consistent basis.

So the basics is really to list out everything that is currently on your mind. Do this until you can’t think of anything to write. You actually don’t even have to go back to this list because it’s all about making your mind feel clear and comfortable. It is really a catharsis for the brain because the brain needs its rest. We don’t have to think about all those unnecessary things. However, if you do find something to be necessary, circle them or put a star next to those things you’ve written down. Review them when you feel like it. But the main objective of mind dumping is so you don’t have think about it now. It is definitely a form of procrastination but it is also a tool for utmost comfort in the present moment.

Why ponder on things you cannot control? There are many things in which we cannot control and mind-dumping those things is important to our overall mental & emotional function. After mind-dumping we can then start focusing on doing the things that matter to us and truly have a sense of autonomy in our lives without being controlled by all the things in our head on a day-to-day basis. I actually feel great typing out this article / post because it makes me feel a sense of mind-dumping as well. I don’t have think about all the things I don’t need to think about. As a reminder too, if you haven’t checked out the Cycle of Creation & Consumption post that I’ve written previously, be sure not to be overconsuming and focus on CREATION as well. Remember to do that.

Creation is form of mind dumping once again. I will discuss in-depth the topic of creation & mind-dumping in my later posts for sure. Right now I have covered all the basics of mind-dumping and hope you will use this towards your advantage in life. Mind-dumping is definitely an essential skill and also a part of Holistic Life Design. By having autonomy over our mental & emotional state, we can operate with better efficiency, effectiveness, & effortlessness.

In the end, it is how we direct our thoughts which leads to proper actions and lastly to proper results in life. This is why mind-dumping is so important. I hope that this post has benefitted you in any way at all. I look forward to continue serving you in my future content. Stay safe and God bless you!

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