Insomnia & Resetting the Sleep Schedule

I am currently dealing with temporary insomnia. It is actually Sunday, April 5th 2020 6:40AM right now as I type this post. I was unable to fall asleep at all last night. So I decided to work on my website and be productive. Instead of getting frustrated or annoyed, it is better to spend our time in an effective way. Holistically I am not that tired and so I can continue to use my energy to create things. For this post in particular I will talk about how I deal with not being able to fall asleep at night. The first thing I do is make sure I take it all in with acceptance. Instead of letting it affect my mood, I decided it is best to use my time in a way that brings me a good return.

I know that long-term these types of habits are unhealthy but I have a game plan on how to deal with this. The initial phase is to get through the entire day without falling asleep. The reason I have to do this is because if I fall asleep at all during the day, my sleep cycle will be very messed up for a while and I can actually become temporarily nocturnal which isn’t good. It’s also good to get some sunlight as well. So there are some techniques and tricks I use to stay awake all day long without falling asleep. I don’t recommend staying up on purpose just to do this but if you are facing insomnia right now, then I recommend this to help you reset your sleep cycle.

To remain awake all day, you must drink lots of water. You must also get eyedrops so that whenever your eyes get dry, you can put some on them and feel a lot better and not as sleepy. Physical exercise is also essential during this type of staying awake all day. I recommend jumping jacks because they are easy to do and quickly heat up the body and regulate the blood circulation. This type of movement will make it easier to stay awake through out the day. Coffee or tea aren’t a must but they can help support you. I do recommend drinking lots of water more than taking in coffee if you are trying to succeed in this.

If you find yourself dosing off, and you simply cannot complete the reset. Then take a power nap of 10 minutes by setting an alarm on your phone. After your mini nap, get ready to move your body once again. Remember, this reset is actually a very difficult thing to do, but if you can do it, your sleep cycle will be normal once again if you can last until bedtime. The other thing you can also do is stretch your muscles constantly through out the day. This will make your body feel more comfortable and also not as tired. You can also choose to take a cold shower or hot shower if you like. Cold showers will wake up the nervous system and make you alert for a period of time.

The key is definitely to keep drinking lots of water. You will be going to the bathroom a lot for sure. I recommend alkaline foods and also distilled water to help detoxify the body when you are going through this phase because the body’s detoxification mechanism may be hindered a bit due to the lack of sleep. Thus taking in better foods and drinking water will assist you in this whole process. Prayer or meditation will also help you during this time to help clear your mind because the sleep function was also designed to clear most of the things in your mind which won’t be utilized and you will have to go through your day with the junk you’ve accumulated from yesterday.

If you honestly cannot do the reset, you will have to take the consequence of having a messed up sleep cycle and being potentially nocturnal for quite a while. Sometimes it’s better to just give up than force something to happen, no doubt. But if you have grit, discipline, and willpower, do this and the rest of your days will be much easier for sure. As a reminder as well, I write this post from the perspective of someone who has gone through this type of situation, I do not claim to be a health expert or anything like that. These are all based from my own experience. I hope you are able to stay healthy in the midst of the chaos.

I hope this post gave any type of value at all. I look forward to serving you in the future as well!

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