Riding the Wave of Momentum

And so, this is actually the third article I’ve drafted up in one day. I decided I will be releasing posts / articles daily by creating and stacking a bunch of finished articles in the drafts section. I’ve been using the power of momentum to write so fast in so little time. I discovered that the more you do something and succeed, the more momentum starts to build and it pushes you towards your goals automatically without you putting in a lot of effort. I feel that I am currently not trying at all and I am being lifted by the waves of the momentum I’ve built previously.

This is why it is essential to take good actions in your every day life. The more you take good actions, the more momentum you build and then your life starts operating in autopilot in a good way. It is indeed somewhat related to the habits we create as well. I have decided to create a habit of writing lots of blog posts and stacking them so I can release them periodically or on a scheduled basis. I am feeling pretty good about that idea. I decided I can stack up on my hardwork and actually reap the benefits by taking a day to relax after I’ve written maybe 5 articles in one day. That is true momentum.

Momentum is powerful because I get to lean back on it and let waves push me forward rather than me fighting against the waves. Of course in the initial phase, there had to be a lot of effort and hardwork involved to get the ball rolling. For example, when designing & creating this blog in the first place, I had to spend hours just creating and selecting the proper theme and setting up the menu bars and the whole structure of the site. Now that the whole structure is set up, all that is left is writing articles for my blog and I can stack up on that now which is really great.

So how can we use momentum in our lives? The first step is to be selective with your actions. You have to build momentum in the right places. You don’t want to build negative momentum either. You can build momentum towards what you don’t want as well. It is best to build momentum towards the things that you do want. This is why being selective with your actions is so essential.

The second step is keep consistent in doing those actions you’ve selected. If you only do something good once, momentum is never going to be able to build. You must stay consistent and keep doing that action until it becomes automatic like a habit and then momentum will start building and you will start being pushed by the waves of momentum. It is so fun because you also get to reap the rewards of your hard work by riding on that momentum you’ve previously built yourself. It is an exciting and fulfilling process.

The last step is to use your built momentum and KEEP building more momentum. This is obvious and funny to say but some people simply ride on their wave of momentum once, and stop feeding their momentum. This is when the flame dies out. You must keep fanning the flame. To keep a ball rolling you must keep pushing it, this is how momentum is built endlessly. So a certain amount of effort is definitely a must. But when the momentum rides on itself, you don’t have to put in as much effort to keep it rolling. This is why building momentum is so useful.

Honestly, if I hadn’t built momentum, I don’t think I would have been able to write this article. I was able to create three articles in one day which is amazing to me. I am certainly writing a lot now and I don’t consider myself to be a writer. It is all due to the momentum I’ve built previously that has allowed me to finish this blog post. Thank you for reading.

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