The Law of Least Effort

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to write for some time. I’ve learned the Law of Least Effort through the study of social dynamics and interactions with other people. It’s somewhat of a social status thing as well. This is mainly for socializing and interacting with people but also for energetics. The Law of Least Effort is the basis of putting the least amount of effort and getting the most out of that effort. It can also be the appearance of being effortless as well. It is similar to the 80 / 20 principle. That 20% of our efforts determine 80% of our results. They can be intertwined principles.

Anyway, how can the Least of Least Effort help us? Well the first way it can help us is the use of our energy. By putting in the least amount of energy to do something and getting more out of it, you are operating with a sense of ease, efficiency, effectiveness, & effortlessness. By doing so, you save much of your energy for other tasks that you want to accomplish. It is when you are optimally using your energy in the best way possible. I myself incorporate the Law of Least Effort into everything I do.

I try to appear effortless in all my activities. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t put in effort at all, it could mean that I work hard to the point that it looks as if I am not trying at all. When you can operate with this type of modality, people around you will see you as a higher status individual in society and also respect you more subconsciously. The Law of Least Effort is prevalent in all our social interactions and engagements. The person who tries the hardest and puts in the most effort in all things is usually seen as a clown / joker and never taken seriously.

However the one who works hard but also conceals all his efforts to appear effortless will be highly respected by those around him. It is the difference between a King and a Jester. The Law of Least Effort is powerful because it embodies how nature works as well. We are drawn to what appears natural and effortless. This applies to all 13 areas of our life. The more effortless something appears, the more we are drawn to it. Things that are forced and unnatural we don’t really gravitate much towards because it is a conflict towards our overall nature.

Right now, I am definitely putting effort into writing this post, but it also comes from an effortless nature where I am simply creating from a stream of consciousness rather than deep contemplation of what I am going to write. It is nice because it is a natural and effortless form of creation rather than a formulaic and forced unnatural creation. I know that not everyone is blessed with the skill to be able to write so much so I do give thanks to God for granting me this ability.

Anyway, how can you apply the Law of Least Effort to your life? It is not a metaphysical or spiritual thing actually. It is simply how you maneuver in your day-to-day life. Are you putting too much effort in the wrong place? Are you not allocating your energy efficiently enough? Stuff like that. The first step to use the Law of Least Effort is to be comfortable and relaxed. That is step number one. You must focus on being able to be comfortable and relaxed in everything you currently do. This is so important because effortlessness cannot exist if you aren’t feeling comfortable. You must seek comfort first and foremost before trying to be effortless.

The second step is to focus on where you put energy towards and how you can use it more effectively. We should not engage in every kind of activity. We should focus on the activities that will grant us the highest ROI (Return on Investment). We should invest only in the activities that will grant a big return on our efforts. Exercising daily and working out consistently for example is a good return for our efforts because long term we will be able to remain healthy and also cultivate a good-looking physique. Reading a book every day will increase our knowledge base which is a good return as well for our efforts.

For me, blogging is a good return on my efforts because writing my articles and posts will build long-term momentum and generate views which I can then use to monetize to grow the blog further which may then transform into a business entity all on its own. It is a good use of the Law of Least Effort because it provides a huge return on my efforts. It is possible that you can also put in a huge amount of effort into something and see zero returns. This would be considered the Law of Most Effort, which isn’t completely useless because all worthwhile endeavors require a lot of effort. In fact, it is the Law of Most Effort which had led me to the Law of Least Effort in the first place. By working so hard and studying, I was able to learn effortlessness. But since I’ve gone ahead and done the struggling, why must you struggle too? I recommend using the Law of Least Effort instead.

The Law of Least Effort is more focused on efficiency, effectiveness, effortlessness, & optimization for everything you do in life. I’m happy to share it with all of you because I can get deeper on this topic as well but one blog post will definitely not be able to cover all the material. I’ve decided that I shall cover in-depth and advanced principles of the Law of Least Effort in my Holistic Life Design system 1.0 course. This course will contain everything you need that incorporates all of the techniques, philosophies, and tricks discussed in all the posts and explain it in-depth in a step by step manner.

The third step to use the Law of Least Effort is to conceal all of your efforts. Now that we optimized how we maneuver in life, we must also conceal all our efforts and celebrate our wins to others. This will create a snowball effect in which people will be drawn to your vibrancy, effortlessness, brilliance & mysterious success. You will know how hard you’ve worked yourself, but showing the final picture / reward of your hardwork will be the true embodiment of the Law of Least Effort.

The Law of Least Effort is all about getting results, regardless of how much effort you put in. It’s actually amazing to see when someone can put a little effort and generate something fantastic out of it. That is the true display of the Law of Least Effort. The final step of the Law of Least Effort is to seek exponential growth. Engage in all of the things that will improve your life or yourself drastically at a high speed. By doing this, you will guarantee the consistent use of the Law of Least Effort on an automatic basis. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you are using it because ALL your actions will be leading to exponential growth which is momentum towards everything you desire in life.

I really will create an advanced in-depth post on the Law of Least Effort later down the road. I hope this post was able to help you in all of your endeavors. God bless you and take care!

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