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All right, so this website / blog has been launched for a couple of days now. It has reached about 2k in views and 87 visitors at this current point in time that I am writing this. I am very satisfied with the way it turned out so far. The difficulty of writing blog posts can also vary but I was still able to get it done which has made me pretty proud of myself. I have received some positive feedback from some of the people commenting on the posts. It has made very happy! I never knew I could create something like this and also provide value to other people just by sharing the things I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve gone through. I want to say that today I am probably not going to write a post discussing any of the 13 areas of life.

I have not found any particular topic I want to talk about today and so today will simply be an announcement and my thoughts so far. If I accidentally share something valuable or insightful to you, that would be pretty cool too. Perhaps I could talk about content creation and the whole process of it for this blog in particular. So initially, I wrote in a sense that I had total autonomy of my content and I still actually do. But as I continued creating more posts, I realized I created this expectation of having to provide a certain amount of value for my audience. This has made writing a little bit more difficult. And so now I have decided that I shall write about whatever particular topic comes to me naturally rather than forcing it.

When I do my writing process, I look to the 13 areas of life: Wealth, Health, Love, Happiness, Spiritual, Energetics, Social + Friends, Personal Development, Fun & Recreation, Physical Fitness, Career & Business, Family, and Mental + Emotional Well-being. I always pick just one topic from these and I will start writing about it in-depth based on the knowledge and experiences I’ve accumulated thus far. I will never write as if I am an expert myself, but I will share what has worked for me personally and I will always share my techniques with others.

I guess right now my only concern is whether or not my grammar or writing quality is okay, I am definitely am amateur myself although I did hit an almost perfect score in the reading & writing section on the SAT back in my school days. I can say I can definitely improve because there is always room for improvement. I admit that I will be flawed in many ways, but my intention is not to be perfect as you all know from my previous post on perfection and also I just want to provide value to the world with all my heart. That is my true focus & intention.

In the future, I do plan on releasing premium course content that targets particular areas of your life and also allows you to holistically design your life. I will not be charging a lot of money for it. I plan to charge only $1 a month simply to fund the maintenance and uptime fees for the website. I will most likely charge on an annual basis. So $12 a year. It would help with the growth of the site for sure when more members sign up. You can always cancel the subscription at any time, although if you do get a subscription you’ll have full access for a year.

I have also finished creating the donation page and I have already received 2 donations thus far which is really awesome. I will appreciate all your support towards this website because I believe it can help a lot of people out there. I really enjoy serving people and giving value to the world and I hope that you are all supportive of me on this mutual journey. The growth has been real and steady and I look forward to what the future has to offer for us together.

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