The Illusion of Perfection

As human beings we are drawn to being perfect or things or people who appear to be so. Right now, I will disclose that perfection is nothing but an illusion. In the world, nothing is ever perfect even if it is mathematically calculated down to the core. Everything has some level of imperfection to it, which makes life interesting and unique. I think perfection is not at all achievable. Even airplanes (the closest thing to something perfect) and just the whole flight experience I don’t find perfect either. The fact that a plane is able to fly and not crash all the time does show that it is highly calculated and has lessened the chances of accidents when it comes to riding it, but they can still crash. If airplanes were perfect, then they would never EVER crash.

The same goes for all 13 areas of life: Wealth, Health, Love, Happiness, Spiritual, Energetics, Social + Friends, Personal Development, Fun & Recreation, Physical Fitness, Career & Business, Family, and Mental + Emotional Well-being. We will never be perfect in these areas regardless of how we “holistically design” our lives. This is a deep realization I’ve made just today. This blog that I have created also has many levels of imperfection, but it is still able to provide tremendous value to people all over the world. So rather than focus on being perfect, we must focus on PROGRESS.

The interesting thing about perfection not being achievable is that it will always give us room to improve no matter how good we become. There is always that “next level” to achieve in life and that is what makes everything so interesting. When you make progress consistently, you can achieve a “sense” of perfection and progress. Note that it is only the sense of perfection and not perfection itself. This is really important to remember. Knowing that EVERYTHING in the world is imperfect is very freeing and alleviating to consider. I can now operate with that assurance that even though I make a mistake, it is okay and I can accept my mistakes with full confidence and responsibility without feeling like I am off the mark in anyway.

Sure there are many aspects I can improve about myself and my blog as well but it isn’t just me who has to improve on these aspects. Everybody can use improvement so we are all grouped in the same boat. Realizing that perfection is an illusion is so key because it will also eliminate that need to be an overachiever. Overachievers are usually feeling imperfect and inadequate inside which is why they do so many things to compensate for that feeling. It is just an infinite hamster wheel that they are running on. I have decided to opt out of that rat race. I shall now operate with freedom and autonomy and embrace my perfect imperfections.

I will always definitely try my best in all things, but I will not hold myself to the standards of perfection. There is no perfect template to ANYTHING. Perhaps in faith or spirituality there may be some “perfect” elements, philosophies, or ways of thinking, but overall I believe nothing in the world is ever perfect because if it was, there wouldn’t be so many problems in the world in regards to those aspects. I also think people should see their imperfections as their unique signatures rather than things that are lacking. When you do that, you can unconditionally accept and love yourselves and become whole.

Acceptance is so key in regards to imperfection & uniqueness. Because of movies and Hollywood and celebrities and all these various online influencers, we usually compare ourselves to their imposed ideas of perfection which holistically IMPRISON us. We must free ourselves and know that it is indeed an illusion and we can set our own ideas of perfection in our own eyes. WE must set our own standards and rules and live according to them rather than the rules of someone else. Sure if someone else’s rules align with yours, then take it all in. It’s that sense of autonomy, freedom, and acceptance that all human beings are truly looking for rather than obtaining perfection. We should rather embrace the uniqueness of everything in the world and be grateful for all the things we enjoy.

I hope that this post was helpful, beneficial, or insightful at all to you and I will look forward to continue serving you in the future as well! Stay safe and God bless you.

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