The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude can probably solve most of the world’s problems. Whenever there is an actual problem, it is indeed the focus on what is currently missing in your life. Instead of focusing on what’s missing or what’s bad, we should always focus on the good things, events, & situations that we do have or go through. I think the basics of gratitude is knowing that you even have oxygen to breathe right now. Despite what’s going on in the world right now and all its chaos, you actually have oxygen to breathe right now. I believe that is something to be very grateful for. Right now, I’m currently grateful for the existence of this blog and the creation of it. I was inspired by God. I am grateful for his inspiration and I am grateful for his presence in my life as well.

The reason gratitude is so powerful is due to the fact that being grateful is an overall perception shift. You can shift your thoughts you think into the things you appreciate and find gratitude for. It is also good to make a list of all the things you appreciate about yourself as well. This technique is included in my Holistic Life Design system 1.0 course. Most people struggle with negative thoughts and anxieties and depression, and that is normal to experience. I’m not saying that gratitude is the cure-all to everything, but it helps you maintain a positive outlook and attitude to life. With those two things, you can overcome and persevere a majority of situations. Not saying that you won’t struggle, but it will be easier to go through your trials and the troubles that you face.

There are so many things to be grateful for. Some examples could be being grateful for the internet, your computer, your smartphone, your family, the food on your plate every day, and being able to even access this website and read this content with your eyes. Most people in life, they wander through life without a true focus on being grateful. Those people will suffer much more because they lack the optimistic and grateful attitude that is required to maneuver through all situations more effectively. It is true that sometimes we suffer losses and we may have to grieve for a loved one, or even go through a terrible breakup. These things will take time to mend, but in the midst of all that, we can still be grateful for the things that we do have in the current moment.

The technique that I use really is make a list of 5 things you are grateful for each day, in the morning and at night right before you go to bed. This can cause an overall perception shift that will allow you to look for the positive and advantages of all situations. It is a form of programming and training for your mind and emotional state. Do not underestimate the benefits of gratitude. It can be very powerful. Personally for me, I’m not always grateful, but when I am aware and continue practicing it, I will realize how abundant I am in life currently and being able to access many resources for free through the use of 2020 technology and the internet. I’m actually grateful there have been over 1.3k views on this website in the span of a couple days being launched. That is just amazing to me. I am grateful there are people all over the world viewing this blog.

I’m grateful there are people interested in Holistic Life Design. It is a joy to me that people share the same interests and passions as me. I’m grateful that I’ve received 2 donations towards this blog and having set up the donation page just today. I am grateful that there are good people in this world who have a good heart and kind soul. I am grateful that I am able to be a writer on this blog and gradually improve myself over time without being perfect all at once. It is that gradual improvement and sense of progress that is so satisfying to me and fulfilling. I am grateful for all the things, people, events, & situations that have led me up to this point.

Remember, gratitude is a skill to practice. The more you practice something, the better you’ll get at it. If initially, you don’t feel much difference when trying to be grateful, then keep at it for some time. Eventually, you’ll notice the shift and when that happens, everything starts coming together. You will be able to see the positives and advantages of most situations and you’ll be able to breeze through life with a sense of effortlessness and calmness and joy too. I can actually write another blog post about this topic actually because I feel that one post does not do it much justice. I shall talk about this more in another post for sure. Stay on the look-out for that post as well.

The last thing I can leave you with right now is keep trying no matter what. No matter how hard it is right now for you, don’t let it get you down. Keep a positive attitude and be grateful for what is currently going well for you. It is not that your struggle doesn’t matter nor am I downplaying it, it’s that focusing on your struggle won’t benefit you in the current moment. You want to feel better at this moment. You can do that by focusing on the things that are going really well for you. There’s always at least ONE thing. If you really can’t find anything, then be grateful you have oxygen to breathe. That’s the most basic form of gratitude.

I hope you have found this post to be beneficial or insightful at all. I look forward to serving you even more in the future!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Gratitude

  1. I never really thought about gratitude before this article. I’m applying your ideas right away. Thank you!
    I also loved how well you are able to express your opinions- so clear and effective.
    I wouldn’t wanna miss your future articles so I have decided to follow your blog. 🙂

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