Alkalinity & Acidity of the Body

This topic is a must-write for me. I can’t stress it enough. Through my years of learning, understanding alkalinity & acidity in the body has helped me tremendously. They are so vital to how we live because they can influence how we feel holistically. The more alkaline one person is, the less likelihood for that person to experience negative emotions. I have never witnessed an extremely alkaline person having anxiety or depression. Whereas people who are extremely acidic, they are prone to all sorts of negative emotions. They feel this heaviness weighing them down. Being alkaline makes us feel lighter, we are “higher” holistically.

I myself drink distilled water currently which is neutral. It is good for detoxification and balanced ph. That is better than drinking soda or anything that is acidic. Drinking neutral ph water is a good way to be balanced. To be honest, drinking more water is actually more important than alkalinity / acidity management because more water means easier detoxification. Theres also a possibility of being TOO alkaline and that you can become delusional in your thinking which isn’t good either. It could lead to fantasizing without taking action. You could be put in a dream-like state where you just fantasize about everything you want which does nothing in terms of getting results practically.

However if you achieve a body that is just slightly alkaline, then you will see tremendous results in how you are in your day to day strives towards your goals. This is because being just slightly alkaline is the perfect state to work realistically without delusion but also have that aspect of fantasizing towards your goals without it being too far-fetched and unachievable. The way to become alkaline instantly, one trick I use is to take alka-selzter. Don’t do this all the time because taking too much of alka-seltzer can be unhealthy. Also it contains aspirin ingredients in it as well. Only use it once in a while when you need a quick boost in your overall state.

The natural way to go about it is to drink LOTS of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean just eat those things and not other things because you need other foods to balance out the ph so that your body doesn’t become too alkaline. Most vegans and vegetarians suffer from the problem of inaction & too much fantasizing. When you’re balanced in the right state with the porportion of what you take in, you can operate with effectiveness & efficiency and with the right emotional states. I recommend eating meats too in your diet because it provides enough protein for your body and also your ph doesn’t become too far-fetched. Don’t want it too heavy or too light.

I won’t be writing a whole in-depth guide on alkalinity and acidity. You can look this up in other external resources but this is to give you a good basic idea of how helpful it can be for your life. The alka-selzter trick I know is pretty useful especially in times of need so you could write that down as one of your takeaways as well. It also helps you if you’re in pain or have a headache. Another trick is to use baking soda too, just a tiny table spoon of it mixed with water is enough to alkalinize the whole body.

You can even invest in a high-end filtration system with reverse osmosis & alkalinization installed, but this can be costly if you’re currently not financially well enough to afford it.

I don’t solely rely on always being alkaline now but being in a slightly alkaline state will always give you an better edge / advantage over your average modality when manuevering in this life.

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