The Art of Journaling

Journaling has done wonders for me personally. It is a form of self-catharsis as well as self-expression and creation. You will feel a sense of emotional and mental relief when you write in your journal. Not only that, you may receive insights, lessons, or perspective-shifts with the use of your journal. In my Holistic Life Design system 1.0 (An In-depth Course), I explain the way I use a journal in the most optimal way for my life. I recommend that you take a look at it because I think it will help change your life too.

You can use a journal as a mind dump mentally & emotionally, a diary, a place for writing in all your acquired knowledge & experiences, a place to write letters for your future self, gratitude lists, prayers, and so much more. The ways to use a journal are endless. For me, I always write in the date, day of the week, and the time when I start a journal entry. This way, you will know what point in time you had a certain mindset or received insight. You can actually use a journal however you please. It is like your own therapist that is free and accessible all the time. You can always keep a digital or physical journal. I have multiple journals both digital & physical.

I write in the physical one because it gives me that sense of deep self-introspection and writing physical paper with a pen just gives that satisfying feeling to it. I believe the biggest change in me after using journaling as part of my routine is a tremendous increase in my self-awareness. With a higher self-awareness I get to take better control of my life and be a better pilot rather than having no direction. This blog is somewhat like a journal to me as well except that I aim to provide value to others rather than just using it as a mental & emotional mind dump.

I guess for me having a journal is so great because I didn’t grow up with many friends and there were never that many people who understood me. Writing in a journal would give off that feeling that I am writing to someone who completely understands my every thought. It is a form of intense relief for me personally. I am someone who also loves to write because I am introvert (INFJ) and also a music artist / lyricist. It is essential to know yourself well so that you understand what you truly want out of life. If you understand that part, everything else will fall into place pretty smoothly.

One thought on “The Art of Journaling

  1. I liked your point on using journalling as a mental and emotional mind dump, it’s definitely something that helps more than you think. I like how you brought in the Myer Briggs as well, I’m a ENFP-(T), so while I did have a lot of friend growing up there were still instances where I felt “alone” dealing with certain situations probably due to the “T” (also interesting to note that while someone can have the same personality type, theres also a Turbulent side vs an Assertive side & that changes your personality as well), so “mind dump journalling” is something that works great for both introvert and extrovert personalities.

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