Quick Knowledge Accumulation from Skimming Books

Hey so I want to share a good idea with you guys. If you are currently a reader or plan to read books, here is a suggestion for you that I am already incorporating. Instead of reading books from front to back, gather a whole bunch of books you want to learn from. Start skimming through them quickly for practical applicable ideas instead of reading it from the beginning. If anything resonates with you instantly, write down those ideas that you can apply right now at this current point in time.

If you do this, you will be able to shift your life so fast because information overload is not good either. All you have to do is take one practical idea and apply it in your life. Make a promise to yourself that you will apply the idea and follow through on it. Don’t think too much on it, just take action. I believe this will enhance your life very much. This idea applies to all long content. Most content is filled with fluff and the idea itself is the only thing that is useful. Most books are filled up to the brim because they just want to appear long when that book’s most wholesome content can be summarized in probably 30 pages or less.

I do prefer less reading nowadays. I focus more on video courses and watching documentaries now. I don’t read, I only skim nowadays. If you consider that reading, cool. I call it skimming and quick knowledge accumulation. Knowledge is definitely useless if we don’t apply the things we learn. As you’ve probably learned from my Creation & Consumption post, I’ve consumed quite a lot of material and I am now creating through use of this blog. It is a satisfying process.

You can actually even skim through the content of this blog and pick out the things you find useful for yourself. You are definitely not obligated to read every single word I write although I do believe I’m a good writer and most people like to listen to what I have to say. It is safe to say that we are thirsting for knowledge and truly the only thing that can save us is efficiency in how we do things. I believe Knowledge Accumulation through Skimming books is a great technique to use especially if you want to learn things fast and save time. Try it out. I’m sure you might like it. Anyway, take care everyone!

One thought on “Quick Knowledge Accumulation from Skimming Books

  1. This is a great idea. I wrote something similar in my first post. Before you try to increase the depth of your knowledge, you first need to increase the breadth of it. By skimming text and writing down novel concepts, you discover what else exists. Even if you don’t know it deeply, just knowing what exists and what doesn’t allow you to creatively find solutions to problems you wouldn’t think of before.

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