Deviation From Designed Systems + Writing Lyrics and Making Music

Today I was able to take an entire day off and I didn’t use any of my productivity systems. I feel pretty good because I enjoyed my whole day. I decided to write lyrics and make music today. One mistake I made was doing my recording session and mixing & mastering session on the same day. This made me a bit tired and drained. And this is exactly why I should always separate it into 2 days. The song came out really nice actually. I’m quite satisfied with it. I sent it to my family members, close friends, and some music associates. They enjoyed it.

Just wanted to say Naked also tastes really good and charges me up especially during this time of the Coronavirus epidemic. The difference between this post and a journal entry is that I learned something today and I wanted to share it with everyone. It’s that sometimes even if you plan to do nothing your whole day, you might still end up doing something really productive by accident.

I think that’s good to know. I was also using the Lyf social support app to try to promote this blog but the admins deleted my post which is pretty funny since It’s a free blog and I’m not making money out of it. I only plan on serving others and giving out free value. This blog is a very valuable creation to me. It’s good that I gained the inspiration to create one. I can feel a sense of openness and a sense of being a true creator. I think everyone should make a blog, it wasn’t too hard to make one actually.

It is also quite relaxing to write on a blog. My next post should be focused solely on giving value. I probably teach you guys all the tricks and techniques I’ve learned to make my life so easy. Life is a joy to experience for me now because of the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated. I hope I will be able to share that with you all in the future. Take care and stay blessed.

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