Why We Have to Partake in Personal Development

Why do we have to get into personal development? Because we need to break free from the chains of society. We have been conditioned to operate a certain way because of social expectations on us. Enough is enough. We now choose to be our own character. We design ourselves now, and we don’t allow people around us to dictate us how to be or what to do. The first step is to partake in personal development.

We have to select a new identity to embody. We have to create our ideal version of ourselves. It’s essential that you are not performing according to what other people expect of you but you are doing all the things that you expect out of yourself. You set your own standards. You decide what you want to improve on in your life. This website is called Holistic Life Design, but you’re the one who decides what it means to be holistic.

You give meaning to everything you do. We can see everything in life as something random or meaningful depending on the context we give ourselves. Personal Development allows us to get that sense of progress every single day. We can feel like we are closing the gap between who we are now and who our ideal selves are. That is a fulfilling & satisfying process. It is fun to see yourself getting closer and reaching your goals. We are goal-oriented beings.

By selecting the character we want to be, we start molding and creating the life we actually want. We are no longer pushed by the waves of life. We are advancing by creating a raft and gradually building it into a ship that lets us sail to wherever we desire. That is true freedom and autonomy.

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