Why It’s So Important To Have Fun & Relax

As an extremely productive guy myself, I’m going to tell you why it’s important to focus on having fun and relaxing as much as you can. When you have fun and take time to relax, you rejuvenate your mind, body & spirit. This will in turn make you even a more effective person in the long run. Some people don’t know how to have fun at all and just focus on working working working. I was like this myself. But I know it’s important now because I see so many benefits from doing so.

Writing this blog is a source of fun for me too. It’s similar to a journal except my focus is on adding value to other peoples’ lives and transmuting my experiences into priceless lessons for others. Personally, what I do also is make Hip Hop music and create spoken word poetry. It really relaxes my mind and emotions and I feel this sense of fulfillment whenever I do so. Having fun also works on different areas of your life indirectly as a result. When you focus on Fun & Recreation you also indirectly work on Happiness, Personal Development, Family, Spiritual, Emotional + Mental Well-being, & Social + Friends.

Having fun is cultivating an aspect of yourself that spreads over to all these other areas and you start seeing positive incline and progress when you are having so much fun on a constant basis. Matter of fact, everything you do should be fun. You should be able to make everything you do enjoyable. Work can be made enjoyable with the right attitude & mind set as well.

Having fun is what allows you express your inner child which society has probably made you neglect for the majority of your life so far. You get to tap into that creativity faucet that was closed because of the societal expectations placed on you. Fun and Self-Expression are also linked together. When the Self is expressed enough times, you create a better character in yourself. The true self starts to emerge and resonate with your whole reality.

So remember to have fun. It is an essential ingredient to live a fulfilling life.

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