The Website Has Been Launched

I have decided to launch this website which will explore and suggest many of the core ingredients you need to establish holistic wellness in your life. I will talk about the foundations, habits, and actions you need to partake in and what things to never engage in so that you can operate with a new and higher consciousness and navigate your life with effectiveness, efficiency, & effortlessness.

My goal is to influence and uplift individuals to have a sense of control & freedom in their lives. It is not to get rich quickly or be famous although that may be a possibility in your reality as well. The tools and suggestions I provide will come directly from my experience, knowledge, & lessons I’ve accumulated thus far.

I will introduce myself in the next post. Right now I am making an announcement that this is official and we will be building momentum here on out from this point forward. I look forward to serving you as much as possible with this website. I will not focus on monetization. I do plan on creating a $1 a month subscription service for my premium content which is only to cover online maintenance fees as well as investment & commitment from you.

This blog will also serve as a form of catharsis for me and a form of self-expression so that I can create positive & valuable content from my thoughts every day. It is to provide value to others and also express the Christ within me. Yes I am also a Christian but I am not here to force my faith upon others. I will simply be sharing all of the practical worldly techniques I’ve learned as I continue my journey in this life. Thank you for reading.
You are very welcome here.

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