The Cycle of Creation & Consumption

As human beings, we operate only in two modes when it comes to activity. Creation or Consumption. When we consume enough things, we’re driven to create. What we create is also determined by what we have been consuming. If you’ve been consuming negative news for 10 years straight, you will probably create a lot of bad arguments with someone close to you or put other people down. If you consume inspirational motivational videos on YouTube on a constant basis, you’re probably more likely to create something positive and uplifting for someone else.

My creation of this blog was a result of my selective consumption process. I only consume positive things nowadays. If I want to read on the news, I go to Google News and I only take a quick glance at that things relevant to my interests. It’s also me using the power of confirmation bias. Confirmation Bias and Placebo are two of your biggest friends in life. They can take you a long way. Anyway back to Creation & Consumption. Some people in life, all they do is consume and never create. These people can become anxious, depressed, or even suicidal. When you’re congested with information, there’s no choice but to explode.

Creation is so essential to our mental & emotional well-being and Happiness as well. We are naturally creative beings. If you’re religious or have a certain faith, you probably know that we’ve been made in God’s image and God is a Creator. I create positive uplifting things on a constant basis. I don’t focus on achieving an end goal in particular, but when I create things, they always turn out to be something good and beneficial for the world. I feel pretty great about the creation of this blog because not only can I express myself, I can also help other people which is amazing. It’s a win-win situation.

A lot of people engage in prayer or journaling. That is also a form of creation because you are taking your thoughts and making it into something else. When you turn your thoughts into things, that is creation. There is a good way to consume things. You make a list of all the things you are going to consume and limit yourself to these things. That is called Selection of Focus. When you have a good selection of focus, you control your consumption. When you control your consumption, you control your creations too. This is a high level advanced form of manifestation. I call this process “Selective manifestation”.

Now with this process in mind, you can now control a lot of things in your life. I would say this post would be one of the most foundational posts out of this entire blog. Just reading this post and know the cycle of consumption & creation will save you years in your life.

Now remember to be selective with your consumption and focus more on creations. The more you create, the better you’ll get at creating as well.

You will be in a state of flow and spill with overabundance as a true creator.

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