The Basics of Energetics

What is Energetics? Energetics is the circulation and control of the energy in your body. I’m not talking about anything metaphysical here. It is basically how much energy and how comfortable you feel in your body on a day to day basis. It is influenced by how much water you drink, how much you move your body, how well you breathe, how well you sleep at night, what you listen to, how much sunlight you get, who you engage with physically, and your utilization of the law of energy conservation.

What does this all mean? Energetics can influence your overall behavior and how you perceive your life on a constant basis. If you have low energetic control and low energetic circulation, then you will feel like crap every single day and this sense of heaviness in your body. When you have high energetic control and energetic circulation, you feel so comfortable in your body and you feel a sense of effortlessness in everything you do. You are simply in flow. You have energetic mastery.

Why do we have to work on our energetics? We have to be experts of our energy because it is even more important than time itself. If you have zero energy on a constant basis, it doesn’t matter how much time you have in your life. It doesn’t matter how good your time management is. Life is all about Energy Management. You must take care of this area. I will create a post that explains energetics in-depth. For now I will simply cover the basics.

Your intake of water is so important for energetic regulation. Your body is highly composed of water and so all your cells need to be hydrated and charged up bio electrically. And through the drinking of water, you can do exactly that. A even more advanced form of taking in water is drinking distilled Alkaline water. This charges up the bioelectric energy and you will feel charged through out your whole entire day.

It is essential to have physical movement with your body. The reason for this is that movement creates energy circulation and when your energy circulates well, you will feel better in your body no matter what. A lot of people like to dance or do martial arts and these are really good things to engage in for benefitting your energetics. But the key is to move your body as much as you possibly can through out the day.

The way you breathe determines your energetics as well. You must breathe deeply and in a slow relaxed manner. This eliminates all of the stagnant energy in your body and you will feel more charged up and comfortable too. Your mood would be better as well. People who suffer from anxiety, depression, & other mental health problems is prone to bad breathing. You must train yourself to breathe deep and oxygenate your whole body for better circulation. Your life will feel a lot better.

Good sleep is also essential for good energetics. If you don’t rest well at night, then more than likely you’ll feel tired through out your entire day. A good idea to maintain healthy sleep is to always wake at a certain time no matter how late you go to sleep. This way, you can reset your circadian rhythms and your sleep cycle will be properly adjusted so you can fall asleep at the ideal times. Your body will appreciate this.

Auditory Intake
What you listen to also has a big factor in your energetics. If you’re constantly listening to people argue, your energetics can become stagnant. Where as, If you’re listening to birds chirping and leaves rustling in the nature, your energetics would most likely be very good. Listening to calm music helps with your energetics as well. If you want to excite your energetic state, you could listen to dubstep or hip hop. Be more selective with what you take in with your ears.

Sunlight Intake
A majority of the world suffer from the lack of Vitamin D. I myself have this problem as well. But I now try to get as much sunlight as possible. Sunlight improves your overall energy almost like a plant going through photosynthesis. A person benefits from sunlight because it is a pure form of energy. All life comes from the Sun. You will see benefits in your overall energy by exposing yourself to more sunlight.

Physical Engagement
Who we interact with plays another big factor in our energy level. If you’re around people who are in excited states, more than likely they will raise your energy level. If you’re around weak depressing people who are very low in energetics, they will bring you down as well. This also applies for all sexual relations with people too.

The Law of Energy Conservation
This law is similar to the Law of Least Effort in which we use our energy in a way that utilizes the LEAST amount of energy possible to get the MOST results out of everything we do. This could apply to anything we do. The way we walk, the way we talk, the way we do any type of task. Putting in the least amount of input to get the job done. This isn’t being lazy. This is being efficient and energetically smart.

These are all of the basics of Energetics that I could think of for now. I will cover the Advanced Levels of Energetics in a later post for sure. You can look forward to that one because it will change many things you do in life in a beneficial way. I hope this was able to make you more aware and conscious of the things you do and partake in. Hopefully it could spark a positive change in your life!

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