How I Am Providing Free Value Here

Okay so right now I’m thinking about how I am actually providing free value for the world. I am currently gravitated towards providing service for others and I don’t know for sure if I am able to provide enough value for people through my website and posts, but I’m going to try anyway. My first goal really is to open people’s minds on what actions they are taking and changing those actions by replacing them with better ones.

And honestly, writing this blog is still a hard job because I still have to think a bit and occasionally this feeling of doing enough or providing enough knowledge will creep up on me which actually drove me to create this post in the first place. This post is simply an announcement but if you’re looking for value, you can definitely check my other posts. Here I am going to cover what my overall aims are for creating this blog site.

My Overall Aims
One of my objectives is to be able to give everyone a bird’s eye view of their entire life. The fact that everyone’s lives is composed of 13 areas: Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness, Spiritual, Energetics, Social + Friends, Personal Development, Fun & Recreation, Physical Fitness, Career & Business, Family, and Mental + Emotional Well-being.

By being aware that everyone has these 13 areas to work on can make holistic life design into a sort of game they can play. It is like designing your own video game character and leveling up on a gradual basis. Instead of being hit with inertia of procrastination and not knowing what to do, I believe my holistic life design system will provide people with clarity and succinct goal setting (I call these QUESTS). And being able to achieve all the things you planned out really gives that sense of satisfaction and happiness.

The second objective is to share the techniques and tools I’ve been using to make my life so much easier. I think I have many things in my possession that can enhance peoples’ lives. They can be philosophical tricks and tips and technology we currently have in 2020. I will be sharing these techniques and tools in my future posts for sure.

And my last objective is to share my ideas and knowledge which I’ve accumulated from reading so many books and experiencing so many things. It will give me a sense of fulfillment knowing that my hard work and dedication was able to help other people improve their lives.

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